Monday, April 18

Weekly Surf: A Case Of The Monday's

Daddy beards + sweet babes = my heart swooning
I think one of these amazing photo books of my pregnancy would be a great "push" present....
This turquoise piano makes me wish we hadn't given away Dustin's piano at our last yard sale
Home made hummus is super easy and oh-so yummy too
How was your weekend?

(Photo taken by Matt)
We had our old friend Aaron & his baby girl over for breakfast Saturday morning and got a surprise visit from our other good friend Matt which was such a blessing. It's so nice when we get to see our friends who no longer live here in Vegas. Sunday we enjoyed spending the evening with our sweet friends John & Dotty. Dustin roasted a chicken (and I tried not to eat too much of the skin. Gross I know. It's just SO good though....) Great weekends always make it harder to get back into the swing of things....We got a late start today and are still in our P.J.'s. It's cloudy, yucky & windy outside today which means we will be hanging out indoors, playing with Play Doh, watching movies & relaxing the day away.

Have a lovely Monday friends.


  1. the under water maternity shots!! oh my... in love with them!

  2. That proposal on M Loves M just made me lose sweet!

  3. So jealous the husband got to see you, but glad you had a good visit!!! Miss you like crazy friend;)

  4. nice weekly surf!

    The matching aprons got me baby [GIRL] hungry for sure! (and made me want to learn to sew even more).

    I've seen that turquoise piano (on pinterest) and I've fallen in love too :) And the plate display is fantastic! (love yours in your dining room by the way!!)

    And that cute blonde pregnant mama's idea of wearing the same same [adorable] dress really shows how much her belly grew!! loved it :) Here's another neat way to capture the before and after of baby in and out of the belly :)

    Yay for PJ mondays!!

  5. I want her closet too! Great links my dear :)