Friday, March 25

Weekly Surf:

Be willing to let go
Am in love with this video
Totally adore these black and white vespa looks from gap (perfect for a boy or girl!)
Imagine how gorgeous baby bedding would be if it were made out of this quilt (with a black and white striped wall....shut up!)
I'd like these in red please
Baby bump progression from week 20-38
This image
Can't wait til' he/she is finally on the outside

My little man looks SO grown up with his serious expression,
wearing his hat just like Dad.
{Please pardon all of the adorable gooey baby goodness that has been bombarding my weekly surfs lately. It's all just too adorable not to feature & really, babies make me super happy! I can't resist.}

We are throwing our TWO YEAR OLD a breakfast/Pj birthday party tomorrow morning! I am very excited for him to be surrounded by all of the people who love him & all of his buddies.

Hope you all have a splendid weekend.


  1. thanks so much for including my shot of the before and after :) its my favorite. you have a cute blog :)

  2. I always love when you post this. Great inspiration and baby cuteness!

  3. SO CUTE! i love his face!
    and thanks for the links!


  4. Thanks for featuring me :]
    Conrad looks so much like his daddy here <3 I love it!

  5. I look forward to your weekly surf posts. Conrad is adorable =]

  6. great stuff Chelsea !!! Conrad is edible in that little hat !

  7. THANKS so much friend for the link love!!!
    happy weekend. xo

  8. love the inspiration! and the "let go" quote.. very good :)

  9. So excited to part of your weekly surf! Love these posts of yours, you always find such great inspiration out there!

    Great pic of your men. Conrad is adorable! Hope you're having an awesome pj party this morning! :)

  10. Breakfast Pj parties are the best, and perfect for wee ones birthdays! Have a lovely time.

  11. That photo is definitely frame-worthy, I love it!