Sunday, March 27

The Birthday Boy!

We threw Conrad a breakfast-PJ-birthday party Saturday. (My friend Erin was pregnant with her 2nd when her first was turning 2 also and gave me this idea.) I was thinking it would be "less" work but I ended up being just as exhaustedas I usually am when I go ALL OUT with cutesie little decorations and all of the attention to detail that I usually like to incorporate. 

I'm pregnant, I'm consumed with work and I have a 2 year old...

Here are a few photos from his party:
Emilee & I in our pj's:                          Dustin, Conrad & I:
My Mom & Dad with Conrad.
The night before the party Dustin and I found ourselves shopping like crazy people at Walmart for the party. At one point after arguing over the cheesy lame-sauce Elmo cupcake cake or the cake with doggies on it, OR Dustin's choice of a nice cake at Whole Foods, I ended up breaking down and crying in the deli department over the stress of why it had to be such a big ordeal! I was in tears because I was feeling overwhelmed and the whole point was to NOT get crazy with this party, Dustin was trying to keep our child from punching dents into all of the cake lids all while the elderly gentlemen manning the bakery gave his best effort to try and write "Happy Birthday Conrad" on the cake when he's a deli slicer guy and not a baker..... Needless to say, after we were handed our god awful cake that was hard for even us, Conrad's parents to make out what it said, we decided not to take the cake. We're jerks, I know. The sweet old man seemed not to mind. 

My whole goal was to do as little as possible for his party. I normally wouldn't buy frozen pancakes or store baked cakes, but I'M PREGNANT! And to be honest, I've had a lot on my brain as far as this bun in the oven is concerned. Dustin wasn't happy about the frozen pancakes, but he agreed that it's better to be practical rather than fancy with a 2 year old's party! He had intended on making everyone homemade crepes. Next time honey!

Even after just inviting our families and Conrad's close buddies, we still had about 25-30 people attending, but at the end of the day, It didn't matter what we ate or if we had hand crafted decorations on the walls. It mattered that Conrad was in a room full of his best little buddies and felt loved by his family.

We made a breakfast casserole, eggs, had bagels, muffins, Krispy Kremes & all of the toppings for yummy pancakes! All of the kiddos and most of the adults wore their Pj's which made the party even more fun! Instead of games, I read Goodnight Moon to the little ones. 

We used our Condos community clubhouse instead of hosting at our house which was nice not to have to deep clean for the event! Conrad got a lot of neat new toys and clothes. He got some really cool big boy underwear and a potty seat! Guess it's time to start potty training....EEEKKK!!!! 

One of my favorite gifts he received was a photo session 
with my dear friend Sarah. 
I will post a few of his 2 year old photos later this week!

Thank you to all of the friends and family who came. 
I know you helped make our little guy feel special on his birthday! 


  1. That is such a fun idea! And it sounds like you did a great job!

  2. Aw bless your heart, you are such a good mother, I think this was an amazing idea and it all came together even with the stress that got you there!

  3. this is the cutest idea ever and i may steal it!

  4. it seems like you did a fantastic job.
    so lovely.


  5. such a cute idea! :) will definitely keep this in mind for the future!
    cute pictures too :) blessin's!

  6. how fun!! I love the jammie party idea
    Conrad looks so handsome
    Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

  7. What a cute idea for a birthday party. Sorry it was so exhausting!

  8. How sweet, Happy Birthday Conrad!

  9. pj parties are the best. your little guy is sweet too.

  10. look at your little belly. i love it.

    and i can't imagine if i had to put together olivia's 2nd party when i was pregnant! it was hard enough to do with a two month old! ha...i guess it never really will get "easier", you just have to learn to adjust and in time things will flow better.

    anyway, looks like you did a beautiful job. great idea on using that clubhouse!!!


  11. Happy Birthday Conrad! Adorable party :)

  12. that is a fantastic idea!! I just may steal that idea for Brooks' bday next year (hopefully I'll have a bun in the oven like you!:)

    And can I tell you that I'm so sorry about the whole ordeal at Walmart...but thank you for the laughs ;) Thinking of little Conrad punching the cake lids and imagining a big deli guy trying to write with frosting made me smile!

    You are so right about what really important! So glad you had a great time with family and friends that care so much about your little man :)


  13. Adorable party theme! I love that the adults dressed in jammies, too. Happy Birthday to Conrad!

    I can completely relate on the ridiculous amount of pressure to do your little one's party perfectly, even when you're not in the best headspace to do it. I had just found out I was pregnant and not everyone knew it when I was throwing my son his 2nd. It's tough, but it looks like the party turned out beautifully.

  14. THERE'S that baby bump you've been talking about ;]

  15. Awe your family is so stinkin cute. I feel like I know Conrad from reading your blog and I haven't even met the little guy yet! Happy B day Conrad!

  16. happy birthday, sweet conrad. what a special day for you! SUCH a great idea for a party! me likey :)