Tuesday, March 15

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Summertime baby bumps makes me smile
I'm in love with this song, this week
Pretty ways to beautify your walls with frames
Wallpaper for the nursery? Yes please!
I need to re-do my photo wall and do this OR this instead
Does anyone have an Ergo? We used our Bjorn til' C was 14 months old.
It's not very comfortable though. I'm thinking I'd really like an Ergo this time around.
What's for lunch? Funky cuteness!

Ice cream covering his little shirt.
This weekend my mother in law and I had a great yard sale. It's always nice to get rid of clutter and make a little cash!
I got rid of 5 trash bags of clothes! Wowza, and a ton of other junk.

I sat at a busy park this week and shared an ice cream cone with my little almost 2 year old boy. He would take a lick of ice cream and then run behind me and climb on my back yelling, "NAY!" Because usually at home, I give him rides on my back and take him around the house pretending that I'm a horse... needless to say, we didn't play horsey at the park, in public. He did this a few times going back and fourth between eating his ice cream and climbing on my back trying to convince me to get on all fours trotting around in the grass. At one point, he climbed into my lap and planted a big wet ice cream kiss on my lips and threw his arms around my neck. Good thing I was wearing sunglasses because I immediately burst into a pathetic weep fest during this exchange of affection. Just when I think having two kids is going to change the dynamic between Conrad and I (in a bad way) and having a baby will make him hate me, he shows me love. (Maybe he'll hate me for a few days and be jealous, we haven't crossed that bridge yet, but I'd like to believe he'll always be my little kisser man and love his mommy forever!) THEN, last night as we were finishing up our books and talking about what we did for the day, and as we were finishing our night routine by saying our prayers, I asked Conrad if we should pray for the baby and he got this excited grin on his face and quickly lifted up my tank top to talk to the baby and squish my tummy. Then he folded his hands and shouted AMEN! Ugh, Sometimes I just want to squeeze his little self until his head pops off!

Today we get to see our little tomato at my 5 month ultrasound. I.AM.PRAYING I have the strength not to beg them to tell me the sex! That sweet surprise when the baby is born will be so worth it. I need to remember that.

So many times we forget how truly blessed we are. We're not blessed because we have money in the bank or because life is easy and the trials are few, we're blessed because in the trials, in the hardships and the uncertainty of this life, our god is STILL faithful to show his goodness and love. This truth, I am starting to gain a better understanding of. To not put my trust in money, or tomorrow, or people, but to trust God alone.

{Happy Thursday!}


  1. Hi! I'm newer to your blog, your just adorbale! First off, If there is anything that you buy or register for for this baby to come, BUY YOURSELF THE ERGO! i'm not joking, you will never ever use the bjorn again. I had both and never used the bjorn because that thing is not comfortable. The Ergo even has a newborn insert. I used that thing when away from home to put my little guy to sleep (who is almost 2.5 yrs old:()
    The only difference really is the ergo doesn't allow the child to face forward...but he can ride on your hip or back. Trust me, a worthwhile investment! Mine was just borrowed but I will be purchasing one for our little one who is on the way!!
    Congrats to your family your all so adorable!
    I want to know where you live it looks so sunny! I'm so jealous, Northern Cali is so rainy right now!

    We used the Ergo with Lily just a little bit, but we just got the Boba, IT'S AMAZING! It's the most ergonomical soft structure carrier out there [for older babies of course ;] It's the same price as an Ergo, so if you're going to spend the money on one, GET THE BOBA!!! Lol ;]
    Hope your little bean is jumpin around like crazy!

  3. We have an Ergo...seriously get one. You won't go back. We didn't get one until my boys were like 10 mos old but it's SUCH a difference. We've used the bjorn, sling, moby wrap...tried lots of different things and the Ergo takes such a load off of your shoulders. The weight is distributed so much better I can now carry the boys (around 25lbs) and it feels like nothing. Plus they love riding on my back.

  4. Love Ergos

    Its Aurora from Photo Freak. I would be honored if you checked out my blog for my book that is going to be published in a few months. If you liked it, I would love for you to add it to your weekly surf. It would help me out a lot. Thanks babe.

    Oh and preggy looks good on you!

  5. We have and ergo and use is at least five times a week and Nolie is 15 months! It was a daily go-to carrier for us for at least the first 8 months. That and the Moby (we used that most when she was tiny tiny). My sister still uses hers for her 3 year old (on her back) when she gets too tired to walk on long trips. You will SOOO not regret it!

  6. you are awesome for not finding out the sex. I think that's so cool!! I will guess girl. :)

  7. Chelsea, I seriously love your heart. You are such a good mom. I love reading about how much you delight in your little family.
    Will be praying you are able to say no to finding out the sex!! I've always wanted to be able to do that too, and I can't image how hard it is!!

  8. eeep! thank you so much for the mention. it made my day.
    i love your space...and i'm definitely going to live vicariously through your pregnancy. i'm having the baby itch so badly!

  9. love all your links this week! can't believe you're not finding out the sex! be strong, woman. i couldn't do it. props to ya! :)

  10. Ooooh! I so admire people that don't find out what they're having! I don't think I could ever do it!

  11. wow those frame walls are GREAT.

  12. cute, cute pictures :)
    and i LOVE the wallpaper for the nursery...so adorable!

  13. We have TWO Ergos. No other carrier/wrap/sling/whatever worked as well for us. The Ergo distributes the weight really well, and it's so comfortable and easy to use. Go for it.

    P.S. Look how cute you are! I loves me a pregnant mama in stripes!


    And of course you can repost the Japan prayer :)

    And thanks for all of your comments!

    Love, love, love.

  15. cute, CUTE sandwich shapes! Can't wait to try 'em out =]

  16. you look adorable...gorgeous and prego not fair ! Jude's bday is next week ! that wallpaper link killed me ! I want so bad to put wallpaper in Judes room but I am so indecisive and it is so expensive.

  17. I used a ring sling with Lucia and loved it.... no baby for us anytime soon ... I am sending it to you! Email me your address! sjhgray@gmail.com

  18. Thanks for featuring my frame wall!! You look great by the way, congrats on your pregnancy!! I'm a few months ahead of you, with a 2 year old at home already as well. :)

    Good luck at the dr and with that willpower!! But if you decide to go for finding out the sex, it'll be awesome too. :)

    Take care!!


  19. First of all, your little man's MOM shirt is awesome!! love it. What a great day :) And I love imagining you doing horsey with him! you rock :) Knowing that another pregnancy, and therefor little brother or sister for Brooks, is in the near future for us I've thought many times about how our little man will handle it all. I'm definitely expecting some jealousy...but like your little Conrad, I hope he still loves on me and that he's sweet to his sibling(s). That story of praying for your babe and him saying AMEN after patting your belly made my heart smile!! And I'm with ya, I could squeeze Brooks so.tight.all.day.long.

    Stay strong with the surprise!! :) (was Conrad a surprise?) Brooks was...and our next one will be too. Best surprise EVER.

    And that last paragraph was beautiful! like Conrad said, AMEN ;)

  20. I use a Boba (similar to Ergo) and LOVE it! The foot straps are key. Before our daughter was old enough for the Boba I used a K'tan. I registered for a Moby and ended up returning it because someone bought me the K'tan. It is the best for little ones and I used it until she was almost 1.