Wednesday, February 23

Weekly Surf:

A girl who knows how to rock vintage fashion
baby progression using fruits & veggies
photos of people & the things that define them
Loving this video staring Julia Robert's niece & James Franco's lil bro
radiohead's new album has been on replay all week at our house
    (did you know that the dance that thom yorke does in the video was choreographed? He's not making those weird ass dance moves up.)
the beauty of breast feeding here & here

Conrad snacked beneath my feet while I made some chocolate covered strawberries
for dessert one night. He was just too adorable, I couldn't NOT take his photo.

He melts my heart.

{Happy hump day.}


  1. Ok your son in those pictures are superb!!!! He looks sweeter than those sweet strawberries :)

    I love the progression through fruit - that is fabulous

    Also love the breastfeeding pictures in vogue magazine

  2. such cute pictures and oh my gosh I love that video of emma roberts!

  3. Oh man that toadstool rattle (stuffed creatures) really cracks me up!

  4. love your weekly surfs :) every time i think you post the 'cutest picture ever' of conrad, you top it with another. he is going to be such an adorable big brother!

  5. thanks for sharing my baby bump project! :) plus... i loved every other link you shared. you sure know how to surf :)

  6. My heart swells! Thanks for including me. :)

  7. loving those links and aw, look at that boy! how could you not take pictures, is right!

  8. Love you friend and love your links:)

  9. "Conrad snacked beneath my feet" - my husband read this and (jokingly) said "why is she standing on top of her child while she's cooking?" :D

  10. Hahaha! Carlotte! That's too funny. Yeah, he hangs out with me in the kitchen A LOT. We've got animal magnets on the fridge and he plays while I'm trying to get stuff done. I'd prefer that he NOT be in the kitchen all the time, but he is-

    So to keep him from whining I toss food down to him while he plays and it keeps him happy so I can cook ;)

  11. that last picture of him eating that strawberry in his cute diaper breaks my heart and glues it all back together again. SO absolutely beautiful.

    i love you chelsea.

  12. I love your weekly surf. I always find such great stuff!

  13. Amazing blog!!;) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  14. AHHHHH!!!! Thanks for including me :)
    Love you and your blog skills.

  15. Love this! I hope I'm as cute as that mom and baby when I have a baby! So fun! There is sooooo much stuff on the internet (duh) so i like when other people narrow it down to their favorite sites for me. Way less overwhelming!

  16. What sweet photos! I just came across your blog today and it's really neat- lots of variety! Can't wait to read more. And more photos of your little cutie please :) to hold me over until I see my nieces again!