Friday, February 25

Going THROUGH it with me

    Was reminded this week that because my God has promised never to leave me, in ALL situations whether hard or not, he is going through them with me, not watching me struggle through-but rather taking me through them, by his grace. I'm never alone. I forget how much he loves me so often. Why is it the dumb little truths like "God is always WITH US" that are so silly but so true and yet so hard to grasp and actually LIVE OUT when we're in a valley? Why do we drudge through life like we're knee deep in mud and struggle so much? We could just give our cares to Jesus, but we don't. Our pride gets in the way and we think we're big enough to manage our circumstances on our own. 
Oh, how wrong we are.
    I learned about a family who lost their baby a few days after he was born and it broke my heart (having heard about this while being pregnant, I can't imagine how bad that would hurt.) BUT I was reminded of how great God is-in us, that no problem or pain or trial is too big for him. We forget that we have a mighty god who cares for us, who walks through life with us. When I'm having a particularly hard day and feel like such an energy-less loser of a mother, I need to take a deep breath and focus on casting my anxieties on him instead of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. 
(I'm so glad I have a friend who helps me refocus my heart. Thank you Sarah C.)
     I've felt super exhausted and on edge this week. I think the long days with a toddler sometimes weigh on me so heavily. I'm so thankful that my husband is going back to school to finish his masters, BUT it gets hard. We learned that his company laid off 100 people company wide this week and are feeling SO thankful that his job was spared. When I met his boss a few weeks ago he was telling me that Dustin does the job of three people and they can't afford to lose him. It makes me smile to know how valued he is. I treated myself (to a few pieces) of sushi last night while I watched Vampire Diaries. Then I practically ate a whole cucumber with sesame seed oil on it and then made myself an avocado salad. 
I can't get enough greens this week. It's all I've been wanting.
 I'm kind of feeling like his hair is starting to look like Harry's from Dumb and Dumber....
See the resemblance? 
He's getting his hair cut tomorrow.
 I think he's offended that I compared him to Jeff Daniel's. 
 I heard that small still voice tell me I needed to put these back when I was checking out, but I didn't listen and instead have been sneaking handfuls of them so my toddler wouldn't know what I was eating. 
The bag is nearly empty. The guilt is setting in.
 Yesterday was a crummy day. I was at my wits end and decided we needed to veg-out and watch Sponge Bob. Conrad decided it was pounce on Mommy's belly day. He thinks his sister/brother is a trampoline.  I don't get it. The kid wont stay off of my stomach!
 I scored this black and white dress for $10 this week and put a belt below my belly so people
 would know I was pregnant and not just chunky. 
 Thank  you Sponge Bob for helping me get some rest when my 2 year old is driving me nuts.
I'm going to the dentist today and couldn't be more excited about it. I LOVE the dentist. 

{Have a great weekend dolls.}


  1. Wow, this was exactly what I needed t o hear. I swear I poured my little emo heart out today on my blog and just thinking about how I can cast my anxieties and stressors on Him and feel a comfort. That is something that I d3efinitely need to pump into my brain. So often I forget. I'm already starting to feel better.

    I am so happy that Dustin's job was spared as well! That is wonderful to hear and its good to be thankful when so many peopole are without work. I feel blessed every day that I even have a job (which I probably should be doing right now). It could be worse but I always tend to focus on the negative.

    That you for this post, it was definitely what I needed today. Thank you.

  2. Such a blessing to have solid employment. And Im sure it is because of Dustin's hard work as well. Kai has croup and Im sick as a dog and I could care less because I feel miserable. On the other hand, Im grateful that the sickness set in on the start of Joel's weekend and that he takes such good care of us.

    We are feeling a little discouraged by job search stuff, but then we see this little sick smiling boy and it all melts away. I truly believe that as long as we put our trust in the Lord and do what we can, He will make up for the rest, and make all the hard things bearable. Its been proven to me time and time again, and yet I still seemed surprised that it always works.

  3. Terrible news about the family, any mothers worst fear!
    The jeff daniels reference too too funny!!!!! Love it - cant wait to see the cut though
    Cant even imagine 2 year old plus baby belly soon to be baby but know that I will probably be right where you are next year - crazy
    and you love the dentist? crazy girl hahah

    ps. the dress is awesome, and looks fabulous on you
    - sushi - YUM

  4. You are seriously a stellar writer Chelsea. I didn't notice 'til the last few words of the first couple paragraphs, but I was nodding the whole time as I read your words! ;) God's eternal love is so healing...and how grateful I am that he's WITH us during our lowest of lows! And sends angels (family & friends) to be with us too :)

    I loved the pictures of "harry" and conrad...heehee! I love his hair! but I'm excited to see him with his new do :)

    And yay for black&white gingham!! and that scarf (or cowl) :)

  5. "I'm going to the dentist today and couldn't be more excited about it. I LOVE the dentist."

    i am cracking up. i have never in my life met anyone who has ever been excited about the dentist! i am making olivia her first appointment can only hope she shares your enthusiasm!!!

    and ps- i enjoyed the first part of this post also. i always need a good reminder and it seems your blog is always doing the reminding for me <3

  6. You are so beautiful. I love LOVEEE thinking about Him walking through life with us. He doesn't give up when things get too "hard" or messy.
    So comforting.

    I LOVE the dentist too!!! Getting my teeth cleaned is my favorite. :]

  7. someone's gotta love the dentist! haha :) your photos are beautiful and I WANT YOUR CHAIR! adorable! when i was pregnant with henry i wanted sushi so bad so we got california rolls and then i realized that the Krab meat is made from some kind of fish and i started crying because i thought i couldn't eat it and i had been thinking about it all day. ahhh, pregnancy hormones!

  8. ha i love the resemblance photo.