Friday, February 18

Weekly Surf + Give a way winner!

I would like to announce the winner of the custom bracelet from Lorelei Rose's Etsy shop....
Use coupon code: USTHREEBIRDS at the check out!
Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!

Weekly Surf:
I thoroughly enjoyed these photos this week
A re-vamp of your favorite ice cream-but done as cake!
Unique wedding cakes to drool over
Let me put this in my brain Rolodex for next year
Nursery Inspiration
I'm really loving black & white for kids/baby rooms
A successful v-bac story that encouraged me this week
Turning a men's shirt into a pretty skirt is a genius idea
Something yummy for your honey this weekend
What a gorgeous wedding dress

What I wore this week: one of my hand me down's given to me from my friend Sofia.
Thanks for the skirt, I love it! Aren't hand me downs the best?

{Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.}


  1. Random sidenote about nutella. About a year ago I was in a grocery store when this old man on a motorized cart was following around his wife and she was ranting on about how she could not find the nutella. As we passed him he turned to me and my brother and said "I f-ing hate nutella" and drove on.

    It reminded me of how me and my husband will probably be when we are old. The man did say that with a lot of love.

    Yay happy friday dear!

  2. That is too funny! I would forever think about that old man too in the motorized cart when i thought about nutella.


  3. You always find the neatest things!!

    I love love love your cardigan! You are one pretty lady!

  4. ooh, may I just second that design lust, because that space is unbelievably gorgeous. WOW! And your outfit is so adorable, love the yellow, and that skirt is sooo fab! Happy Friday! xx veronika

  5. Man I wish I could pull off red lipstick!

  6. Ahh! I JUST posted that Baby Trashes Las Palmas vid on my Friday Fondue thingy. We're link twiiinz.

    You look lovely! Are you sure you're pregnant?! You're still so teeny!

  7. thanks so much for including my daughters room in your round-up!

  8. cute outfit chels. seeing your baby bump makes me miss mine!

  9. That Baby Trashes Las Palmas video is HILARIOUS!

    Happy Friday!

  10. EEEK! I won!! :-) Thanks so much!

    I love your hand me down skirt! Hand me downs are truly the best!!

  11. Those "Back to the Future" photos are amazing-- what a great idea!

    Also, I've officially watched that Baby Trashes Bar video WAY too many times this week. It gets me that she's wearing a fanny pack. And that she isn't phased ONE BIT by all those puppets... crazy.

  12. hand-me-downs totally rock :) especially when they're LOVELY skirts like the one you so-perfectly model!

    And you have the best group of links, i look forward to your surf every week :) (and to see you had the cookie bouquet, you're the sweetest!:) i LOVED the wedding dress (gorgeous color and the detail on top was beyond amazing) and the wedding cakes! The black and white bedroom was awesome, and i adore the girl's headboard. And the nutella muffins...i'm drooling.

    Happy weekend Chelsea!

  13. you look adorable.

    how weird is it that i wore a nearly identical skirt and mustard tights on the same day this week?

  14. As always, your round up was amazing. Thank you! You expand my mind.

  15. so cute! i love that cardigan.