Saturday, October 23

The Last Two Times We've Given Him Yogurt:

 It has ended up all over his head.... 
In the second picture Conrad is doing the  "I dunno hands" after I asked him why he rubbed yogurt all over his head...The "I dunno hands" are his favorite new trick when we ask him a question. I was in the office when I hear Dustin laughing at Conrad, so I come in the kitchen to see what's going on and He's got it all over his head AGAIN. Dustin was making coffee and Cinnamon rolls and said he wasn't watching him for a split second and in that short time, Conrad managed to cover his whole head with it... 
Having yogurt all over your hair isn't as awesome  
as you had pictured in your head, huh buddy?

{Happy Saturday!} 


  1. Hahhaha that's so cute! :)
    I bet you had a fun time cleaning up!

  2. Looks like he's fresh out of the womb. He is super cute!

  3. very cute..Conrad can even make messy look so wonderful

  4. So gross! I bet that was fun to clean up-- ha! Oh he is such a sweetheart :)

  5. i notice that he's always getting himself into some interesting food scenarios. so what do you do? i'm terrible. i am always feeding wyatt because i don't feel like dealing with mess. i know i need to stop and just let him feed himself, but i suck. what do you do?

  6. hahahaha.....there is no way i would catch olivia like this! she makes me wipe her hands before she touches a different piece of food or picks up her drink! so prissy, that one.

    this little boy just might be the cutest mess i've ever seen :)

  7. oh boy. probably led to a nice bubble bath though, right?

  8. um, hello. yogurt makes great shampoo. makes the hair very soft. any aesthetician.. i mean, toddler.. will tell you this. :)

  9. Jessi, we kind of just give him a spoon and let him go at it. Our kitchen is attached to our dinning room so we're right there-close by, but no matter what , he manages to make a total mess of himself with whatever he eats!

    He's getting better with the spoon. I let him go at it for a while and then when he's half way through with his cup of yogurt, I come and spoon feed the rest.

    HE'S crazy.

  10. Mine alternates between perfectly clean, and a yogurt head. I think it is totally dependent on his mood/hunger level... last time he stayed totally clean until the last two bites, at which point he stuck his hand in the cup and scooped them out, and rubbed them in his hair. ????