Friday, September 17

Weekly Surf:

He's really into kisses lately, even if he doesn't get the whole closing-his-lips-during-the-kiss thing:
(you like my greasy-stay-at-home mom hair and no make up? You love it, don't lie.)
Apparently, I'm not the only woman he loves. His girlfriend Avery.

Weekly Surf:

- I imagine Dustin's dream home would look like this

- sweet street art makes me so happy

-a unique way to ask your brides maids, to be your brides maids

{Can't wait for their movie to come out!}

-Something for my soul

-I really love these metallic loafers

-I wouldn't mind having a funky fridge

-I'll be stealing this super cute idea when I find more time to craft

-I am in love with this song.
I am obsessed with it. The horns are wonderful.

-If I could do it all over again, my wedding set would look like one of these
with Dustin's birth stone instead of a diamond. The last two sets on the bottom are to die.

-Did anyone see THIS last week? OMG.OMG.OMG.{hyperventilating}OMG.OMG.OMG.

{Have a great weekend dolls. Kiss the one you love!}


  1. OH....MY.....GOSH.

    is it wrong that i, a married woman, am wishing i was michelle williams in that picture?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously. what a beautiful piece of man. hahaha

  2. psh, i wish my skin looked that that good with no makeup!! jealous! and LOL about the girlfriend hahaha. too cute.

  3. one day i will have a fridge like those - one day. i love those rings. i LOVE my ring but i love those rings. :P

  4. 1. If I was a dude, I'd be able to say Ryan Gosling "makes my pants tighter".

    2. Beirut never lets down. Never.

    3. My mom texted me yesterday to tell me her friend is the casting director for the Vampire Diaries. CRAZY!

  5. I love your blue wall :)

  6. Both of my boys open-mouth kissed when they were little. They just didn't get it, but baby kisses are so sweet I'll take them however they come!

  7. Pyper still open mouth kisses, must be a baby thing. I have wanted a 70's fridge since I knew what fridges were. SERIOUSLY!! It was nice talking to you last night. We do need to catch up. Miss your face!

  8. i ordered stickers from "you are beautiful" years ago. i just came across the envelope of them the other day. so funny that you posted that.