Friday, September 24

Weekly Surf + An Outfit:

First off, A big happy birthday to my sweet seester Allison who is 26 today.
I love you so much and I'm glad we got to grow up together. My favorite childhood memories involve you,
 and I'm grateful for those precious memories.
I am wearing:
mustard tank & red flower top: Anthropologie
Belt: f21
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Steve Madden

Grumps McGee sitting on my purple chair glaring into my soul,
snacking on some pumpkin cookies:

When he woke up from his nap today, I went in to get him out of his crib but as I got closer, It was like a light bulb went off in his head. I could see the wheels turning as he realized that if he left his crib, he'd have to leave his "mey-mey" (binky) behind. He spent the next few moments just sulked in the corner of his crib until I finally grabbed him to get him out. As I picked him up, I kindly asked him to put his binky back in the crib. He turned and looked me square in the eyes, grunted and spouted off his version of toddler-jibber-jabber-profanities at me and launched his binky at the wall with all of his might. It landed in his crib where it stayed until bed time. He marched around the house demanding his "mey-mey" for the remainder of the afternoon and I didn't feel sad for him one bit! He enjoyed his pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on my chair in the office and gave me the dirtiest little face he could conjure up (Grumpy pants pictured above.) Not cool Conrad, Not cool at all. He's a sweetheart isn't he?!

Weekly Surf:

Just added this show to my Netflix. Reminds me of Strangers With Candy. {perfection}
inspiration for our family photos we're taking this weekend.
Alexa Chung's new line is gorgeous
shop the J.Crew factory store on the weekends...(just the weekends J.Crew? Lame sauce.)
I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a lovely couch like this one for my office
this video had me in tears this morning
a jacket my mom would look adorable in
ConRAD would look like a stud in this RAD little one piece
furniture transformations that inspire me to get my sander & paint out
something for my fridge
the couch in this blog header is to die for
how cute would these be for family x-mas photos?
the pants match the sheets. swoon. baby fever is in full effect.
the wedding and the little guy I photographed last week

{Have a swell weekend friends.}


  1. His pouty face is so cute:)

  2. first of all, you are adorable and it makes me jealous. and second, i LOVE that chair!!! your little guy really is quite cute, even if he was being a stinker haha.


  4. I do don't I. I thought the same thing when I took that pic. She's cute, I'll take that as a complement!

  5. Love the mustard with the red! It works so well. You look lovely, as usual.

    And that stink face Conrad is making kinda made my morning! He's so cute!

    And that new show?! Saved on the 'flix. It looks hilarious. Thanks for the link!

  6. What a truly stunning outfit

  7. love your outfit! and your kid is sooo cute!


  8. i can't get over how sweet your family is. and how gorgeous you are. teach me to dress like you...

  9. your boy is hilarious! what a kick! and love that room you are in. you always look lovely!

    loved your weekly surf...can't wait to see the awesome fam photos!

  10. Your Anthro blouse is lovely!

  11. Haha what a little 'tude he's got there!

  12. hahaha....that's funny about conrad and his binky. he is learning :) how rewarding for you!

    your purple chair is just like my coral colored one! i love it!!!

    and lastly, i just bought some pumpkin. seeing that cookie in his hand is making me want to start baking! YUM!

  13. Your outfit is adorable of course, but I'm just dying over your picture collage wall! It's perfect! I can't wait till I can paint my walls something stunning like that!

  14. Dude - you are presh, as is your offspring :)

  15. Summer heights High is one of the funniest shows!!!