Saturday, September 25

(almost) Fall Fashion:

Cool mornings  and hot-as-hades- afternoons don't really resemble fall at all, 
no matter how many pumpkin candles I have lying around my home burning 
giving me the illusion of fall. Oh well, a girl can hope can't she? 
I am wearing:
Dress: H&M
Belt: F21
Bird sweater: Anthro
Boots: Banana Republic 
I love the ruffles. I feel like a flamenco dancer in this dress, and I like it. 

{Wear what makes you feel pretty. Some days it's running shorts and a tank top, no make up at all. Most days pretty means shaving my legs or having clean hair. Other days it means throwing on some sexy red lipstick and curling my eye lashes, for no reason at all other than to have my husband walk through the door after a long day at work and tell me I'm gorgeous. Some days, pretty means throwing on a light pink dress with tons of ruffles to make me feel like I've got some boobs under that dress and hides THE "mommy tummy".... whatever makes you feel pretty! This does. }

If you leave a comment, let me know what makes you feel pretty. 

 It would make my day. 


  1. These days it would be showering, shaving my legs, and brushing my teeth, without having to watch the babes while doing so, Haha.

  2. Oh my gosh girl. I TOTALLY agree. After I had Conrad, I'd have friends come over to visit, and I'd be all, "Do you mind if I go take a good long shower for a while....? I know you're here to visit me and all but I'm so gross and just the thought of standing in the shower with the hot water beating on my back and forgetting about my infant for a good fifteen minutes puts a smile on my face...." I can't thank my friends who came over JUST TO LET ME SHOWER, enough! It's amazing what a HUGE gift a shower is!

    I agree.

  3. You're as cute as pumpkin pie!
    So, we've been having an indian summer and it's been sunny in San Francisco recently. But the other day it was foggy and I loved it! I couldn't put my finger on why I liked this fall fog but not the summer fog but then my office-mate pointed out that fall fog is all dynamic and moving instead of just stifling your summer fun. So true. Fall is sensitive like that.
    I feel pretty when I wear high-waisted, poofy dresses.

  4. i love your outfit dude!

    hmmm.... what makes me feel pretty? perfectly tweezed eyebrows, blush, shaved legs, blazers, my favorite pair of jeans, a really nice peacoat.

  5. A mani/pedi, a haircut, tan skin (since I am so pasty) new clothes, exfoliation, or a compliment! : )

  6. I tweezed today and popped like a zillion black heads with my 10x magnifying mirror (those things are the devil...I can't NOT pick when I look at my face with one of those. Clean brows make me feeel pretty too!

  7. This dress makes me long for summer again! It is freaking cold here already and yesterday I lightened the fire in the living room since it was so chilly in the house.

    I feel pretty when I managed to do my hair in a decent manner, unfortunately changes of reaching the "decent" status are very low most days.... argh.

  8. hmmmmmmm......

    fall has totally hit KC this currently? cute jackets, scarves, jeans, boots...... but WAIT!

    im too giant for any of those right now :) about washed hair...and something that shows off my babybelly :)

    let's talk in a couple months, i might be frantic trying to 'look pretty' again :)

  9. getting my hair done professionally.
    and skinny jeans with my tall riding boots.
    oh yes...can't wait for cooler weather!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love that dress! Great oufit! I agree with your comment above after I've exfoliated and popped out blackheads and my face is so clear then a new outfit for a night out! That's the best!

  11. clean brows are a must - i feel so gross when i have them. i also have to do a little waxy-wax on my upper-lip; amazing how much better i feel sans-hair!

    i caved and bought some proactive because i had such horrid blackheads on my nose. it is helping a ton, ton, ton.

    i luuurve your outfit! we are kin in the clothing department, for sure! clothes make me feel pretty - somedays when i really, really, really do not want to go to work, an good outfit can make me feel better... like at least i look hot!

    any texas news?

  12. everything you've all just said! and ever since i moved to england i've (had to) turned into a bath girl. after amazing bath with bombs, salts and face masks. throw on super cute pj's and low lights. i feel my prettiest when i'm relaxed.

  13. Sarah, no real news yet on TX. They're still working on the offer letter and whatnot. They're taking their sweet time, but it's all good.

    Katie, one of my "dream house" must haves is an antique tub with the lion claws as the feet. Those tubs are amazing. I love a good soak.

  14. You look amazing.

    Clean hair makes me feel pretty :)

  15. The feeling after a couple days of good workouts, actually putting together an outfit--complete with all the accessories--that really matches and not just settling for jeans and a t again, having a reason to put heels on.

  16. So darling. Fresh hair and makeup (that I don't sweat off while putting it on like I have been lately).

    But mostly, my husband calling me sexy, even when I'm all the way pregnant, haven't showered or brushed my teeth, and I'm sporting new stretchmarks.

  17. Sarah, I LOVE that comment. That's awesome.

  18. Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)
    I always love stopping by your blog! I love this dress on you, and you have really gorgeous hair.


    PS. Oh, and don't get me started on those magnifying mirrors. One word = EVIL. You just have to remember your face doesn't look like that to other people, haha!

  19. you are gorgeous.

    these makes me feel pretty sometimes :
    .red lipstick.
    vintage jewelry

    & what makes me feel prettiest : experiencing God's love.

  20. you look GORGEOUS!!

    what makes me feel pretty?

    boots and tights
    simple makeup or a set of bright red lips
    clean fingernails/clean eyebrows
    a healthy body (mostly that!!).

  21. LOVE THIS!!!

    For me...
    - clean hair
    - freshly cut bangs
    - Mary Janes
    - a breezy cardigan
    - ruffly tops
    - a pencil skirt
    - pearl earrings


  22. getting my legs waxed makes me feel pretty. oh, and some killer boots!!

  23. Love, love, love your dress! I feel pretty when I have shaved legs, blown out hair, and freshly waxed eyebrows :) I love wearing pretty dresses because I think they hide my muffin top. I have on an old ugly tank top and cut off shorts, I'm going to change because now I want to feel pretty. Thanks for inspiring :)

  24. I'm loving that dress! It's so fantastic. I've experience some major boobs shrinkage lately and I think that dress would cure my blues! haha

    What makes me feel pretty is when I put something on that makes husband say "Holy Mama! I have the hottest wife!" I think that would make any wife feel pretty dang gorgeous :)

  25. that outfit is adorable- and so is the wall/office behind you!!

    painted nails make me feel sorta pretty....