Thursday, September 2

Be Brave & Have Courage

How to:
I found a painting for $3 at a yard sale. I spray painted the frame pink. I painted the painting white. I thought of a phrase.
I went to Lows to find latex adhesive letters & stuck those bad boys on.
I painted the letters, peeled them off and VOILA!

Also, it is important to never leave the room when art supplies are in baby's reach, as they could be tempted to dabble in the art of body painting. Black paint is scary, apparently.....

Also, Mom's, It's down right mean to continue laughing when your baby is crying and trying to get paint off of their body, only rubbing the paint in more and making it worse.... It's not right to take multiple photos, one photo should do the trick. Three photos? We get it, it's funny. But look how sad he is? Someone give this kid a gummy bear or something for God sakes!
{ It's pretty funny though... I have to admit. }
End result: Inspirational saying to remind you to be brave.
This is actually a gift for my friend Bobbie who is battling cancer.
She's probably the bravest, most courageous woman I know.
It's her birthday.
{the end}


  1. That is such a neat idea! I love it. :)

  2. you had me laughing so hard viewing the pictures of Conrad with his painted body. Sooooo cute!!!

  3. That is such an awesome idea!
    Way to be creative :D
    And Conrad is one hilarious kiddo :P

  4. Great gift.
    Hilarious (and sad) kid.

  5. Love it (the DIY & the painted kid).

  6. So you did finish it? I thought you were taking the letters back to Lowes? The pics are hilarious!!!!! Ahahahaha!

    Love you,
    *Isabella thanks you for the cupcakes. :)

  7. Thanks SARAH! I did finish it, and the other letters I took back. I was going to do another poster thing for our kitchen but I'll do that later.

    We enjoyed seeing you this morning and having cupcakes too!
    <3<3<3 kISSES to Issy from Auntie chelsea! Love you guys!

  8. I LOVE IT.
    ...aaaaand I will probably steal this idea ;)

  9. that is such a great and very thoughtful gift. i'm sure your friend will love it and i hope it will bring her much courage.

    you continue on cracking me up. seriously! LMAO!!!