Thursday, August 12

weekly Surf:

We're heading to San Diego this weekend for a little vacation....
AND for my half marathon! I'm so pumped! I can't wait to dip my feet in the ocean and see how 
Conrad reacts to the waves. I can't wait to do NOTHING for a few days! We SO need a vacation. 

The last time I was in San Diego was for my friend Allie's wedding 3 years ago. Bobbie and I got a flat tire on the way home and instead of waiting 3 hours for someone to come fix it for us, we took care of business and did it ourselves. 
(Well, we got the tire off and started to put the spare on and in the process of being such hard core-bad ass tire changers, a truck driver stopped to tighten our bolts...That last part was not intended to sound sexual. I apologize. 
He did tighten our bolts though. He did. I was a little mad that he stopped actually. 
I wanted to show my husband how cool I was for changing a tire. 
The greasy tire hands scored me a few coolness points though I think.

I remember Dustin specifically going over how to change a tire with me before I left. 
It's funny how that happens. I'm so glad he did. So If we get a flat this time, I'm the man for the job!

Get yo surf on playa':

One of the best movies I've seen in a long while.
(Why is young Dustin Hoffman so hot...?)

catching her reaction on film in a photo booth, to cherish forever
(what an awesome proposal)

 I saw A really cute way to document my next pregnancy....

Need some new music? The top 10 is a good place to find some!

a lovely, masculine & modern home that reminds me of my grandpa's place.

As we passed the Jcrew window this weekend, my husband stopped and
"Babe, this is TOTALLY something you would wear."

 It makes me happy that he notices. That comment was somehow better than flowers.
This outfit makes me sad though. You could totally make it your own by finding these kinds
 of pieces at a thrift store and spend a fraction of the price. But don't tell Jcrew I said so.

A beautiful baby in a tutu + a gorgeous Mommy = sweetness

Have a great weekend guys. I'll be at the beach! Yippee!!! 


  1. i looooove J.Crew. i love their children's clothes even more.

  2. woo hoo, good luck! can't wait to read the race recap!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that outifit! We need to go thrifting together, so you can help me find some cute outfits ;)

  4. love love LOVE the outfit! we've got to go thrifting together, so you can help me pick out some cute outfits ;) Kick ass at the race!! I SERIOUSLY wish I could've come w/ you

  5. Eamon and I are gonna be doing something like this to chronicle this pregnancy! We were pregnant together last time actually

  6. Oh Tootsie.....
    I love that proposal. Joel (or rather Christina) caught ours on camera as well but not in an awesome photo booth (I had just finished shooting some family shots for Nina when Joel asked her to get a few of us).

    Your grandpa must be very hip.

    Happy beaching! And RUNNING!

  7. hahaha, i just love that picture so much.

  8. Thanks for the comment :) You have a beautiful family and I love reading your blog! If it weren't for the Mom blogging world I would feel so lonely in mommyland!

  9. have so much fun in california!

    i can't believe you are running a half marathon! 13 miles! very impressive... good luck :)

  10. I REALLY love that outfit.

  11. ew, your hands are dirrrrrrrrrrrrrty. and thanks! i did that pregnant documentary thingy for my dad. he was in california at the time and i wanted him to be able to see my belly grow. i'll totally do it again for my next baby.