Sunday, August 29

Weekend In Photos:

This happened:
And This:
(apparently, he doesn't like my blue berry pancakes. Rude.)
I wore one of mom's pretties (I love this orange silk dress. It's so comfy!) to a birthday party where Conrad ran around with lots of little guys his age and had a blast. Dustin stayed home and enjoyed an afternoon of silence. I came home from the party and was surprised with my favorite dessert, Creme brulee. He really sealed the deal by making it for me when we were dating. So good.
That man knows.
Our babysitter canceled Saturday, so we stayed home, had some wine, listened to this band, lit some candles, I sat on the counter and talked to Dustin while he cooked and it was a really restful evening. I offered to be his sou chef, but we tear each others heads off when we cook together. Or rather, I get in his way and he tears my heat off and I pout for the remainder of the evening. So, I just sit and sip my wine and tell him how hot he looks when he's cooking and every one's happy! I love these kind of date nights.
I walked in on snuggle fest 2010:

Last night I came into Conrad's room to join in on story time. I sat down on the floor of his room and laid my head on Dustin's shoulder. When Conrad realized I was laying there, he starts crying and hitting me. Dustin noticed what was going on and instead of saying something like, "It's OK, Mommy can read too! Don't cry!" He says,
"Babe, you're cramping our style....."
I get up, leave the room, and the crying stops. When the weekends come, the kid seriously doesn't know I exist, and If I start to exist, he just wants me to go away.... It's all good. I get it. Weekends are special because Dad's home. I actually find his reaction sort of endearing.

I also got to run with 10 fabulous ladies Saturday morning. I'm hoping these Saturday runs become a regular thing. There's something really special about woman getting together (and dumping our kids with the husbands!!). Running and spending time together really ministers to me a lot. We had a really wonderful weekend.


  1. You are so pretty! I love the curls!
    And you are so lucky to have a man who cooks for you. I wish mine did.. he just grills :)

  2. Awww, great pics as always!
    You're wayyyyy more level-headed than me... I wouldn't be so cool about being left out of story time but you get it on another level.

  3. haha, the blueberry pancake reaction face is priceless!

  4. Conrad can come play here anytime. Especially when babysitter cancels...

  5. HA!! The nose picking is adorable lol

  6. Gaahh! My son abandoned me this past weekend too. It was all about daddy holding him, daddy taking him to the fridge, daddy putting on his clothes, daddy reading to him. And yesterday I got to take a break from the cooking. I took a nap with the our son while our daughter slept in her crib, and when I woke up a yummy dinner was waiting for me. When my husband cooks it's best for me to not enter the kitchen, or to be asleep ;) because he is like a tornado when cooking, destruction and chaos occur almost always.

  7. Conrad is priceless. And your hair rocks.

  8. We cannot cook together either! It always goes down just like you said hehehe.

  9. 1. YOUR KID!!! man, he's cute.
    2. that DRESS! i swooned over at anthro for way too long. i shoulda bought it. darn.
    3. YAY for stayin' in date nights. the best kind (for makin' a BABY!) ya. i said it.


  10. Ha! Thanks Molly! You're so cute. Yeah, that dress went down to something ridiculous like 30 bucks. The silk is super soft! I love it.


  11. love the dress, orange is a great color on you.
    i love date nights at home, actually we are loving those a bit too much lately. our friends just called us losers the other day...
    sounds like you got kicked out of the boys club. ;)

  12. I loooove the dress and you look absolutely gorgeous! Stay at home date nights are so so fun. You guys have such a cute little fam. Love it<3

  13. The dress is gorgeous! Is it a skirt, or is the gray top part of it, too? I want it.

    My 2 1/2 year old does the same thing when she's playing or reading with Daddy. Or if I start to sing a song that Daddy sings to her, I get "NO, Mommy! Only Daddy sings that!" Psh. I sing waayyy better than tone-deaf Daddy.

  14. The dress is all one piece. The top is like a tank top, and it comes with a sink scarf to tie around in a bow.

    Thanks girl.