Monday, July 12

"What does a duck say?"

We stopped off at McDonald's Sunday morning and got us some good greasy breakfast, laid a blanket down at the park and fed the ducks some breakfast too. One of the best things about being a mom is when you see your baby learning things. When we saw the ducks, Conrad kept repeating
 "Quack quack!" It was kind of-seriously adorable. 
{Clearly, He's a man on a mission with those two fingers pointed.}
I don't care if he pulls my hair while he hugs... The kisses and hugs when his arms reach around to squeeze my neck give me the most incredible feeling in the world. 


  1. Katie Conway12 July, 2010

    Chelsea! Do you remember on the way to YL camp we stopped somewhere with boats. And you were chasing a duck around. Your foot accidently kicked it and he flew into a tree? Really one of my funniest memories of you!

  2. We all went to the park today. Fed the ducks. Stepped in their shit. It was a nice day! :-)

    And these pictures are pretty much awesome.

  3. these are oh so so so very sweet! <3

  4. Katie, i dont remember that! You always remember the most random stuff too. we had some crazy times back then. that was so much fun!

    Kayla, your comment makes me laugh. We saw lots of poop, yes, that's true.

    Julianne, you're so sweet. thank you.

  5. beautiful pictures! the pointed finger one makes me laugh...he could be olivia's little twin with that blond hair and blue eyes!

  6. The picture of you two snuggling is TOO MUCH.

    Quack Quack!
    ...its not as cute when I do it, is it?

  7. Wow! I can't believe how cute your family is! And how wonderful that you have these amazing photos to document that! I'm sure I don't need to tell you how much everyone's going to cherish these photos in the years to come.

  8. Anonymous12 July, 2010

    wow, what an adorable family you have! my hubby is an engineer, too!

    and btw, those photos from your four year anniversary are to die for!