Friday, February 26

Weekly Surf:

This week I ran 5 miles with Jessica-and didn't stop once. I felt accomplished as we ran side by side. Last week on this exact trail, I stopped several times as we ran up Horizon Ridge. It feels good to be getting better every week. I'm almost there! It wasn't cold enough for my gloves but they're cute, so they deserved a photo.
We found a heart shaped blueberry:
I got some kisses:
Last night during his bath he laughed so hard he threw up his dinner.
This age is so fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

people of Haiti who inspire me

He is one of my fav photographers.
I especially loved these engagement photos he shot.

will love

what a beautiful jacket for a bride

I hope the bean is a girl so Auntie Chelsea can
spoil her with cute skirts!

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  1. ohmy god you and those gloves are sooo cute!
    way to go on the running.
    omgosh you baby just kills me with how precious he is! i had acid reflux since i was a baby and id do the same thing, laugh so hard i puked. its kindof funnnyy but grooss. heheheh.

  2. Chelsea- I make the rolo things all the time( I call them rolo crack because they are that addictive) No more than 3 minutes on 350... You dont want the rolo to split.

  3. thanks for the tip. I those rolo treats are going to blow Dustins mind.

  4. So is this 1/2 marathon you're doing a trail run? Just wondering... I'm allll about trail running.

  5. my love, i gave you an award on my blog!
    you inspire me!

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  7. how old is your little one? he is absolutely precious and looks like so much fun!!!