Saturday, February 27

Weekend In Photos:

Things that make me terribly happy:
My son after a bath in his frog towel. We have officially "sleep trained" our son. Since he was born we would rock him until he fell asleep after he had his nightly bottle, and this technique worked perfectly fine until about a month ago when he wised up and realized he HATED bed time and protested our bed time technique, waking up right as we laid him in bed each time (we literally rocked him for 4 hours one night). We then decided to be the mean parents we are and turn off the baby monitors-which resulted in a 2 hour scream fest and then 2 more nights of relatively less screaming until he realized that after his bottle, he would be placed in his bed and no one was coming back in to rock him
It's amazing how awesome he's sleeping now!

I enjoyed a sabbath of rest & breakfast Sunday
with my two fav. guys:
I shot a roll of b&w with Nicky, my fellow Mamiya loving-photographer-friend
{who is fab-ulous!}
I came home early from my Friday night-girls night
(so I would be rested for my Saturday morning run)
and was greeted with a wonderful candle lit pasta dinner and a sleeping baby.
There's really nothing better. Dustin grabbed the camera and asked me to pose.
It sure feels nice wearing the clothes I want to these days-but mostly, it feels good
that my husband notices my hard work!
Last Friday, Conrad spent the afternoon at the park
with his buddies Avery & Pyper.
He really was happy about it despite the face he made
while being pushed on the swing.
Red Rock run-8 miles (of hell):
(photo taken before the run from hell)
{from L to R: Me, Britney, Jessica, Candice, Amy & Grant}

Me after the run: "The whole run I kept thinking, Whose idea was it to run 8 miles in the wind, rain and cold at Red Rock?"

We were literally the ONLY people running that day, (besides 3 other idiots we saw that day! We didn't see a single biker either!) We all had a crappy run, but we were glad it was over and we are SO pumped for next weekend!
Training with these crazy fools the last 9 weeks has been such a joy for me!

How was your weekend?


  1. Aww cute pictures. I like the last picture of you all jumping in the air.

  2. These guys were awesome enough to do the jumping photo for me about 4 times until I got one I was happy with-in the rain no less! (I wish I would have had my flash on though :(


  3. oh lady what a cute ffrogggyy you've got.
    sounds like such a great time with your boy.
    you lookkkedd GREAT!

  4. Can't wait to read about your 1/2 marathon!

  5. Hearing him cry those three nights was a little rough, but now I detect a little bit of excitement in him when I lay him down to go to sleep. Weird.

  6. Aww, praise the Lord for victory at bedtime now! How fun is it learning all of this stuff for the first time? :D

    ps, I gave your beautiful blog and words an award.I


  7. Wow. congrats on the run. 2 miles kills me right now. Your son is adorable as are you. Such a cute photo of him on the swing.


  8. i want to come home to pasta and a sleeping baby! haha thats if i ever get the chance to leave him for a few seconds :P. I looove that picture of Conrad swinging hehe hes too presh! And i have no clue how you ran 8 miles, way to go mama!