Sunday, February 21

Single mom for a weekend

This weekend was a bit lonely without my husband around. I got little sleep, and his weekend away was not exactly the "slumber party" by myself that I planned it would be (of watching whatever TV i wanted, taking endless bubble baths and reading all night long!) Dustin was in Denver at an Engineers conference for 3 days, which left me on full time baby duty!

I kept saying to myself this weekend "Thank God I'm not doing this alone!!" and "I don't know how single mothers do it." and "I have so much respect for single moms!" and I REALLY do. My mom was a single mom for a long time and I really commend all of those moms out there doing it! It's SO hard to do on your own, and I only got a tiny glimpse of it.
Single moms out there, you are my heros!

Usually at night if I'm I'm in the middle of a relaxing hot bath sipping my sleepy tea and reading a book and Conrad decided to wake up, Dustin takes care of it. But just imagine for a moment how annoying it would be to hear the baby start to cry as you're amerced in a hot bath and you're the only one home! Ugh! It's not cool at all.

My mom came over on Saturday at 7 so I could go run at Red Rock. I knew I wouldn't be home until close to ten and once I was home, it was baby duty for me. No break! If Dustin were home, I would have burst through the door, whipped up a shake, and headed to the bathroom to soaked in the bath. when I got home Saturday I had to relieve my Mom and he was ready for his nap (which was like pulling teeth to get him down-after dealing with him falling asleep in my arms, and waking up as I was transferring him to his crib about 2 dozen times over and over until I decided to let him work it out and take his nap. He cried for longer than I would care to share, then I gave him some Motrin and he was a happy little guy. Teething is not his cup of tea-he isn't good at it at all...there are some babies who can cut teeth without hardly whining while my son is crawling the walls in pain.) anyway. I was frazzled to say the least and really needed a break. My head ache was beginning to make me crazy, so I made some food and drank some water. I almost always get head aches after long runs. It was a rough day to say the least....until we met up with Julie!

We had lunch with one of my oldest friends Julie, and it was a lovely break.

She fed Conrad a lemon:
and wanted to buy him an ice cream cone:
and then he gave her some kisses:
It really wasn't the amazing weekend of freedom i was thinking it would be. I fell asleep before nine every night and was too exhausted to enjoy my raunchy reality TV shows. Taking care of a baby all by yourself is hard work! I really respect the single moms out there and I REALLY can't thank my husband enough for all the help he gives me.
Conrad is munching on a huge piece of mozzarella in this photo
if you were wondering what he had in his little hands.


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I also love the combination of yellow and purple.

  2. oh by gosh by golly ... i know how you feel. my hubs is gone monday through friday and i constantly feel like a single mom. friday nights are such a luxury because i have another pair of hands to help me. i try not to complain because my man has a good job and works very hard, but geez, I MISS HIM. and, let's face it, after working all day and then coming home, taking care of baby and all that jazz ... this mama is tired!

    if anything, even though you did not have all of the relaxation that you anticipated, at least you missed your hubby. i believe God has his own little way of helping us realize our blessings.

    your pics are precious. love that lacey cardigan. i saw it at target and almost bought it. glad you did!


  4. ok...i don't know in what world a baby can cut teeth without nary a cry! it's definitely NOT mine! olivia is so awful when she is cutting teeth, especially those darn molars. have you tried the Highlands teething tablets? they always seem to help.

    and oh my goodness....that picture of him laying a big, slobbery wet one on your friend is the cutest ever.

  5. Oh gosh he is such a little darling. Love those sweet pics.

  6. you are such a gorgeous doll; i absolutely love that you have a camera with you at all times to capture your beautiful son. is it weird that i feel like i know you and him already through the photos you post?

    LOVE, Cara.

  7. awe! haha it is so hard, but lucky for me I don't know any different. Just lots of coffee and long long showers while they nap haha. I'm not ready for a relationship but often think about getting in one just so I can sleep through the night, just for a week hahaha.

    My mom often claims how she raised us single handedly buttt she never had to worry about paying rent, bills and putting food on the table and still being able to spend good quality time with us, even the days she wants to check out.

    you just learn to put yourself aside, and make the best out of what you've got, whomever said you can't live on love is wrong. its what keeps me going.

  8. when i wrote this, i was TOTALLY thinking of you and kept thinking of how strong and amazing you are to do it all by yourself. It made me feel very proud of you because I know you work so hard!