Friday, February 19

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This weekend I will be baby proofing. Our son has gained a new sense of Independence now that he is walking along furniture, standing unassisted, and taking baby steps to walking. He is getting into everything these days which is keeping me on my toes. If I'm doing laundry in the hallway, I might find my shadow close by in the bathroom splashing in the toilet bowl-which has become his favorite "toy." (him play in the toilet totally grosses me out, but he's a boy and boys like to be gross....)
Baths these days are more complicated than they used to be now that he can stand and refuses to take his bath sitting down. He squints his eyes in anger and wrinkles his nose, protesting and squealing, throwing himself backwards and yelling at me if i try to sit him on his butt. One night this week the battle was too much, me sitting him on his butt over and over until I took him out of the bath without ever bathing him, and that was the end of that.
We're quickly learning that if anything is left out at his level, it becomes his. So if my tea cup and tea bag are left on the coffee table, he has no problem inspecting the tea, exploring the water and tearing the bag in half until green tea is all over his lips, (and smashed into my rug!) Like I said, baby proofing is in full effect.
(And yes, I almost always have a camera ready to capture my sons every move. Especially now as he's growing, and his personality is coming out more and more. This is such a fun age. I hope you don't mind seeing his face so much.)

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{Have a blessed weekend!}


  1. This makes me laugh so whole heartedly because I am SOO feeling your pain right now!! My Sammy is into everything...yesterday it was the toilet paper, the day before he tore up an entire magazine. It's like as soon has they have a smidge of independence, they feel it's their right to explore and how dare you interfere! Maybe you could come baby proof my house when you are done with yours??

  2. so ridiculously cute!! look at those little butt cheeks!!

  3. I love fat baby rolls! So sweet.

  4. i cannot take how beautiful your baby bird is.
    his eyes are amazing. i cant get over it.
    sooo freekkinnn cute!

    your are the loveliest my dear, since i got my "prize" today! i love it. its even cuter in person, and im super excited to listen to my CD. You are so sweet and im so thankful for the goodies! mwah mwah mwah! xoxooxo

  5. you're so welcome. I'm glad you're excited about the mix. (the writing on the envelope was a little messy-sorry. I had the baby with me at the post off ice and he wanted to write your address himself!)

    Hope you have a great weekend! <3