Monday, November 23

Weekend In Photos:

New favorite thing: spitting and sticking tongue out....awesome.
"Bring on the hot cakes Mama!!!"
"Dats what I'm talkin' bout! Nummy pancakes!"
"Reee-b-uuullll-s!" The dudes chanting for the Rebs.
Conrad's 1st Rebels game.
Peeking over my shoulder to see Auntie Chase
Us in our Rebels gear.
Last time I wore this shirt, I was super fat and pregnant
enjoying massive foot long chili dogs at the game!


  1. dustin never looks that dapper when he and I go to games. Hmmm, I wonder what the difference was this time?

    Also I was checking the score while meandering through gaslmap with Vicky. Awesome Thai, awesome cupcakes, awesome $5 shirt scores, an awesome wife, and an awesome UNLV victory made for a pretty dope Saturday night.

  2. You and your family are so adorable. Precious. (I LOVE your hair, by the way and your style).

    Conrad and Lucia are nearly the same age ... she turned eight months on the ninth. Isn't this age fun? She finds pancakes rather delicious too. At the moment she is currently enthralled with some of my bangle bracelets - they've been entertaining her for a while.
    Conrad is lucky to have such a stellar name! I like.

    Peace and love. SG

  3. Matt, I need no incentive to come see you guys in SD, although the things you mentioned do sound quite amazing and I am super excited that we get to come hang out with you guys! Praise God you guys found a place~

    The game was a-w-s-ome! I LOVE going to unlv games (even though Conrad was pissed that he didn't get to bed at a decent time, he still did ok!) AND as for Dustin, I scored that hat at the thrift store for 2 bucks and it was big enough for his huge ass head, so he wore it and loves it. It is totally old man style.

    we need to hit a saturday afternoon game before you guys leave.

  4. SG~ Thanks for the comment you're such a sweetie pie. The dude is 8 months now. His favorite things to play with are magazines. He loves to rip them up and put the paper in his mouth, which makes for interesting diaper changes! He's starting to take more interest in crawling. He doesn't quite crawl, he rolls and scoots. It's pretty adorable.

    Good to hear from you!
    Your little lady is such a gem!

  5. what a cutie-pie you have on your hands!

  6. WOW, your hubby (my son-in-law by the way)looks very handsome in a Newsboy cap. Not to mention how adorably cute my lil grandson is too!! Beautiful Family you got. And flavored pancakes should become a 'staple' in your house Chelsea; just to see the smile on Conrads mushie face. Great Photos, once again, Photographer Mom.