Sunday, September 27

Weekend in photos

At Sunset park we sat on that blanket I found at the GW (3 years ago for 7 dollars), while Daddy tinckered with that camera we now love, and you posed shirtless clinching your red stacking cup and proudly modeling your hounds tooth cap (that I went back to the store to buy in a bigger size once you grew out of the smaller one)..... You drank your bottle in my arms, batting at chunks of my hair that dangled above you, tickling your belly. You gazed up at the branches, finally blocking sunshine from your eyes with the back of your hand.
Astonished at the handsomness that my two foxes bestowed upon me I snapped this photo.
You guys are pretty handsome.
Jimmy Neutron???
I think so!
That hair is out of control!
Self portrait, I photographed myself photographing...
Couldn't believe I fit into my old pencil skirt.
Dustin didn't break a sweat trying to snap a dress or zip a skirt??
I think we have a miracle on our hands people.
Celebrating her 25th, My sister and I danced on sticky floors singing
Journey at the top of our lungs.
L & C
rocking it hard on the piano.
With eye brows raised, she says
"Can I help you? I'm kind of busy with my baby boo.."
"Alright alright! I'll let you two party. Carry on!" I say.

We had a wonderful weekend.
Although Dustin is plagued with a cold,
our weekend was wonderfully peaceful and restful.
We spent much time cooking and going on walks with friends,
and play dates, and homemade pizzas, and episodes of The Mighty Boosh.

It was incredible.


  1. he is SO precious in that hat! he looks just like a little man! :)

  2. Hey Chelsea! I saw you had a blog on facebbok, so I added your page! Your little man is adorable! You take some awesome pictures!

  3. I like that cut too, I'm more of a pixie kinda girl. I WISH, wish, wish I could pull it off. That's ok. I think (again) I'm gonna grow mine out. I've got to. :)

  4. You look SO cute with short hair. You have the face for it. I liked it when the front was long and the back was short. That was funky and cute.