Friday, September 18

Tiny Blue Hand

For some reason, coffee just tastes better when sipped from this mug....

{Conrad's hand print @ 5 weeks old.}


  1. I love the mug. What a great idea, their little prints are so special!

  2. I made the grandma's each a mug for mothers day, and had to have one myself- he slept the whole time in the car seat while I painted his little hand with blue paint and stamped it on the mugs. He'd probably eat the paint now- so i'm glad I had it done when he was a wee little man.


  3. Where did you do this again? I was supposed to go with you that day. That'd be a good x-mas present for the grannys. I'm sure the pyp's won't sleep though. :)

  4. YEAH, I remember that! its called the artful potter. its right by my house! we should go together & make pyper a mug- with two of us we can make it work!