Thursday, July 9

My hairless wonder

Conrad has one little tuft of hair left and a few little wisps on top that make him look like Jimmy Neutron....
It's his baby mullet
He's rockin it!
If it gets long enough, maybe we can braid it so he can have a rat tail!

Glaring at me like a little, angry, old, bald man:
Showing off his baldness :
When he came home from the hospital....
(Conrad 1 week old!)
he had a head of hair that I was oh so proud he looks like Fester! 
 what happened to all of my baby's hair???!!
 I still think he's quite adorable-bald and beautiful. 

I love my dimply butt, bald little man. 


  1. Auntie Desi09 July, 2009

    He looks so different now! He had a nice tan going on at 1 week old! What happened? LOL! He still friggin' adorable! Miss you!

  2. You make me smile:) It will grow back, I promise. Our babies hair all fell out too, don't worry.

  3. He didn't have a tan, he was orange. He had jaundice. The whites of his eyes were yellow...he looked like some sort of ridiculously cute jaundicey monster with his orange skin and yellow eyes.

  4. Fester!! LMAO!! It'll grow back silly. All babies hair falls out doesn't it? I think Pyper will be born bald. LOL!

  5. i love his cute little bald head. He is so adorable :)

  6. i love the picture where his little arms look like popeye! he's totally popeye.... so cute!

  7. Hahah Janelle....Popeye! That's so funny!

    I kind of figured all of his hair would fall out- but I was holding onto the possibility that it wouldn't! Some people say it grows back thicker than before! Dustin and I were hairless forever.

  8. I think we need a "tuft" update. It's turning into about the coolest thing I could have imagined.

  9. "Tuft...." That makes me laugh.

  10. I stumbled across your blog from a friend's blog and I'm impressed. Love your honesty and Conrad is adorable. Your stories brought back so many memories of my baby boy and how I wished I would have made more time to document all the special moments then instead of starting 2 1/2 years later. I just might have to recite a few stores from the past. Thanks for the motivation!