Friday, July 10

Harry vs. Conrad

Today we were in Conrad's room praying for him because he was really having a hard 
day, and then, he unloaded on us like you wouldn't believe. 
We both looked up at each other shocked at our sons explosive, almost violent crap fest. It was intense.
 He pooped on pretty much everything you can imagine.
All Dustin could think of was this scene in Dumb and Dumber. 

He was a much happier baby once he let-er-rip!

Conrad is no match for Harry.....


  1. That is the best story ever. I bet he was much happier. LOL. of course your welcome at the hospital. I would be very happy if you came by. I just went and saw my friend in the hospital she had her babe yesterday. I thought wow...I'll be here in 4 days. It is coming fast. Jimmy goes so her birthday will be 7/14/09 that works. :)

  2. jimmys cute. i sue cant wait. Its going to be the best day of your life once you see her.

  3. Oops, I'm under Dustins account....

    I meant, I sure can't wait...not sue...Sorry.