Monday, May 11

Nursery preview

Here is Conrad's bedding. He doesn't look like he loves it in this picture, but trust me it's his favorite. He told me. 
Custom baby mobile to hang above crib courtesy of Allie

Window seat with Conrad's toys & books

Conrad's library: Hanging book shelf from Pottery Barn 119$. 
Books: church yard sales, and Anthropologie
Miss-matched knobs and paper lanterns hung from the sky with a burnt orange "C" painted by Mommy between two small windows.
Changing table from Nana 80$ (craigslist), yellow knob 6$, green canvas baskets 9$ ea., orange tile mirror 14$ (from my room when I was a teen) for Conrad to make silly faces in after his diaper is changed!
Antique crackle painted frame with 16x20 family portrait. Burnt orange mat.
Colorful "C"  collage from Morgan
Owl made out of bible pages made by Sarah

Thanks to my Dad & Aaron Snow for their meticulous job of painting our baby room. We love how it turned out!


  1. so jealous. i'm at a loss for ideas for my sons room... he's 3 now- i should get on the ball. all i know is i dont want bears playing baseball and spiderman and well, you know what i mean.

  2. I love it:) So cute... you guys did a great job.