Sunday, May 10

Happy Mothers day to me

Us at the Dr's office
What'chu talkin' bout Willis?!
We were pretty excited about the sandals. This picture was supposed to be us showing off the new foot wear.

That smile makes me melt!
"Mom, your're a weirdo"
If I could bottle up all of your delicious smiles and keep them forever I would. I would record each "coo" and each silly thing you do. I would make sure your Cinnamon roll shaped belly button never gets bigger, because it's so fun when you're a baby. Your tiny ear lobes are my favorite to nibble, and your toes to kiss, your hair to spike in a Mohawk, your cheeks to softly bite and growl like a dinosaur would. I love how you snuggle on my chest in a ball after you eat, and I can't resist that adorable bottom lip that pouts when you cry, I love how your eyes get really big when I enter the room and the first time you smiled (and not because you had gas) but you really smiled at me, that was the best! I've even found myself getting excited in the middle of the night just to pick you up and watch you drink your bottle in my arms, watch you fall back to sleep. I love that time in my day. I love to take you into bed in the morning and cuddle or have you lay on my chest, even if I wake up in a pool of drool all down my neck, it's worth it. I love when you get hick-ups after you eat every time, (just like I do) and you scowl at your hiccups and need a hug to get through them, I love how the ceiling fan entrances you and you could stare at it for hours, I love to watch you play with Daddy and how he makes you fart on command pushing your legs against your tummy. I love your webbed toes that are just like mine, and even though it stresses me out because you cry EVERY TIME i buckle you in your car seat, and EVERY TIME we ride in the car, I still think it' adorable that you don't seem to like to go places, or be bothered, or like change. You're a home body. You like to lay on the couch, and watch the ceiling fan, and drink milk, and cuddle....those are your favorite things to do. 

Love you Conrad, you are the best gift I could receive on this mothers day!

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  1. so precious!! he is getting soo big!!