Friday, May 15

DIY Tiffany's blue table



I snatched this little gem out of my mothers garage recently and have been working on it. This table has been in the family for many years. Now I get to enjoy it in my own home. 
I used a wood stain and had the lady at Lows add Tiffany's blue dye to it. I let it dry for a day and sanded it to give it that rustic feel. 


  1. Chels~ You did an Awesome job on the table. 'Well Done' ! I always wanted to refinish it ever since I got it from my grandmothers estate. So, what's the chance I can have back it now...? (just kiddin'). It'll look beautiful in your home now. I may have some more antiques you can put your magic tiffany's touch on too!!!
    Love ya bunches....see ya in the mornin. Mom