Tuesday, May 12

Daddy's love

There is nothing like the love a father can give his child. Dustin has gotten more comfortable in his new roll as Conrad's Daddy. He says he felt like a Daddy even before he saw or held his son...he's always wanted to be a Dad. When we were dating, he talked about it regularly and now, watching him experience it on a daily basis has made me fall more in love, and respect him more, I'm patient with him when he fumbles to quickly heat up a bottle while listening to a hungry screaming baby. It melts my heart to watch him interact with his son. I know one day, they will be conquering the golf course together, and hitting balls far into the distance, high fiving each other and making divots in the green....I can see Conrad sitting on the counter pouring measuring spoons into bowls and mixing up yummy treats with Dustin, I can see Conrad sitting next to Dad with his jaw wide open after Labron James slam dunks baskets or makes 3 pointers. I love to imagine what life will be like when our son is old enough to get his hands dirty with Dad and be a little boy. I'm really proud of Dustin and that he keeps a good attitude about raising our son, even though it takes a toll on us at the end of the day and we barely have the energy to lean over and say good night before our alarm (Conrad) wakes us up for his next nightly feeding. 

Right now, he's a gooey, delicious little baby boy who likes to snuggle and have his ear lobes nibbled by Mommy,

But theres nothing like the love of a Daddy, and I couldn't do this great big job on my own. I'm very grateful for all he does and how he loves his son so deliberately and passionately. 

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