Friday, February 13

What are your V-day plans??

Valentines Day cards are fun:

We're going to the movies! If I weren't "with child" we would probably hide a bottle of chilled Champagne in a backpack and sneak it into the theater to drink with a straw! I get a rush out of seeing what I can sneak in. (Who wants to pay $6.00 for a 12oz. soda??) This year, we're planning on seeing He’s Just Not That Into You or Revolutionary Road....I've been DYING to see it! (What's up with Kate Winslet always showing her boobs in every movie?? I mean, she's hot, but dude, every single movie?? It's getting a little weird.) I digress.... I'm not usually a chick flick kind of gal, but a few weeks ago when we tried to see The Wrestler, I got a little sick to my stomach watching Mickey Rourke slice his head open with a razor blade...So chick flick it is!

Back to Valentines day! Dustin isn't super-pro-V-day. It's not that he doesn't write me corny cards dripping with romance and sap, he does. It's just annoying to think that we need to dedicate a single day out of the year to romance alone. I like "things", I like jewelry, but I don't need chocolates or roses to know he loves me.... food pretty much seals the deal though. Truth is, If It was social acceptable to be a lard-ass, I would be. I would eat myself to death if it was ok to do so because I love food. The door to my soul is my taste buds.

I remember the first year we were married, for Valentines Day we went to Areol in the Mandalay Bay where they have wine angles dressed in all black that travel up a 4 story wine cellar mission impossible style, flying through the air by pulleys to bring your wine bottle to your table! That night, we had lobster bisque for the first time, an amazing bottle of wine, 2 desserts, and so on. (For months after we ate there, I wanted to be a wine angel so badly. I can't think of a cooler job other than being a burlesque dancer...apparently, you can't get hired for a job like that unless you're a perfessional dancer from France, yes I applied once, and apparently you have to have dancing skills that I apparently don't have, But if I could, I would be a wine angel, or a burlesque dancer. Those are awesome jobs.) Areol was amazing. I woke up this morning talking about lobster bisque....(Fatty).

So happy V-day tomorrow....
I will be waking up, happily making blue berry pancakes with butter and whipped cream going against Dr's orders for my stupid pregnancy diet!


  1. i love you! happy valentines day!!!

  2. What movie did you end up seeing?? I want to see both of those movies so you will have to let me know how they are.

    Plus thanks for the babysitting offer, we will definitely take you up on that:)