Monday, January 19

My snuggie

I have a sweater that I wear to work as my lounging sweater for my lazy days. My co-workers make fun of it, and my husband says it looks like a Snuggie because of the big arms or something Obi Wan Kanobi would wear...I see NO resemblance, but my husband sure gets a kick out of himself when the Snuggie commercials come on and I happen to be wearing my ugly-lounging-snuggie-Obi Wan Kanobie sweater! He thinks he's hilarious!


(Doesn't she look so warm and comfortable?? Her arms will never get cold again!)

My ugly robe sweater:

I will admit, it's not the most attractive piece of clothing I own, but it's totally comfortable and I love it and yes, it resembles the Snuggie blanket and I'm OK with that.

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