Sunday, January 25

Baby shower

I had a WONDERFUL baby shower yesterday. My friend Angie threw it for me, with help from my Mom, Julie, and Allie who hosted! It was fabulous! Angie had all of my favorite food there, and amazing deserts, cheeses and wines for my friends to enjoy! We didn't play the conventional baby shower games, instead as I opened each gift from each girl, they told everyone their favorite memory of being a mother or their favorite memory of their mother, which made everything really meaningful and special. After dessert, a few of my girlfriends prayed for Dustin & I as we become new parents which meant a lot to me. I had a better time than I could have ever imagined I would have, and got blessed with so many good friends and great gifts for the baby! Here are a few pictures.

This is a mobile that Allie made to go above the crib. I saw one on WWW.ETSY.COM that I loved, and instead of buying it, she made it herself because she's so crafty! I was incredibly surprised and impressed! Thank you Allie! I love it!

This green sweater is something I wanted for a long time. It is from Anthropologie. My mom had Conrad's initials embroidered on it. It has horsies on the back! I can't wait to dress him in this sweater!

I made sashes for my Mother in law, Mom, and Angie to wear for the shower so they would feel special. Dustin & I were up til 11:30 the night before burning our fingers off with the glue gun!

This is the dessert table. It had caramel peanut clusters, fruit custard, chocolate cheese cake strawberries, a diaper cake, cupcakes (that Julie made, thank you Julie!) and a pear custard. It was wonderful!

Diaper cake that Angie's husband made.

Tea Lights made out of baby food jars to match my baby room colors, were scattered all around!

Cheese cake chocolate covered strawberries, Yum!

I was overwhelmed by love from all of my friends and I'm so glad that each person there came to celebrate this new season of joy in my life! I felt so blessed, it couldn't have been a more beautiful shower. Thank you all for coming!

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  1. aaah i love you and im so glad you love your mobile!!!