Tuesday, December 9

Santa or No Santa??

For all of you Jewish Kids:
"My Own Havdalah Set with Wine"
Celebrate the end of the Sabbath with KidKraft's Havdalah Set. Crafted from wood and perfectly sized for little hands, the colorful set includes: Kiddush Wine, Goblet, Braided candle, Incense holder, & Tray.

(Start'em young Mom and Dad.)

For the kiddies celebrating Christmas:
Hand knit finger puppet nativity set!!! Super cute.

We got into the discussion of whether we're going to teach our kid that Santa is responsible for Christmas giving, and if you're good, you get lots of things, and if you're bad, well you know the drill. I just think, No! we'll teach him that Santa is a guy who you sit on his lap so Mommy gets a cute picture every year, but we're the one's who give you your gifts. And fear not, there will be no fat guy bustin' into the house to put things under the tree either. We'll make cookies, and watch Christmas movies and go along with the whole Santa thing, but our sons performance or good behavior will have nothing to do with whether he gets one gift or many gifts or no gifts or whatever.

I believed in Santa for a few years, but ultimately, I liked knowing that it was my Mom wheeling in my totally awesome 80's-esque pink and purple Huffy bike late at night when she thought I was sleeping. I liked knowing that she had surprises up her sleeve for me. She was sneaky and she always made Christmas so much fun.

Dustin always believed that if you spoke badly of Santa, you were going to get nothing. He was fearful of Santa. One kid sang a song about Santa's balls ("Deck-the-halls with Santa's ballls!!!" was how it went...) and Dustin really thought that this kid was doomed to get coal. Dustin even remembers warning his friend of getting coal.

Then theres the tooth fairy. What do we do about the tooth fairy? I loved thinking that a beautiful, magical fairy came and left me 5 bucks when I lost a tooth. Do we say No to Santa, and Yes to Flossy the Tooth Fairy??!! When does the deceit end? Where do i draw the line with make belief characters throughout the year??


I'm sorry, babies crying with Santa will always be funny.

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  1. omar and i have that discussion all the time. in Venezuela baby Jesus brings the presents on christmas eve, so omar always celebrated that way. and saint nick was an awesome dude, but i agree santa is bogus. tough decision, but you probably dont have to cross that bridge unil hes at least 2.