Tuesday, December 23

Ann Taylor <3

Dear Santa,
I wish I had known about the awesomeness of Ann Taylor Loft Maternity a while back when I bought my winter jacket from Forever21 and now it's too small :( It would have saved me a lot of frustration trying to suck my baby-belly in to button it. It is a well known fact that maternity clothes suck and Ann Taylor's don't.(A Pea In The Pod wanted like $75.00 for a maternity cardigan?? And $150.00 for a pair of maternity jeans! Seriously?) Santa, I'd really like this jacket please. Mine doesn't button anymore. I've resorted to wearing my husbands XL zip-up hoodies and although they're very comfortable, they go down to my knees and I look like a dude. If you get me this Santa, I promise I'll tell my kid you exist!

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