Wednesday, August 17

Post Baby Ramblings.

Thoughts on the last 2 weeks with my newest squishy-squisher-fancy-faced-button-nosed-lady....

(Yes, the dreadfully adorable little nicknames are totally necessary and I say them in the squeakiest-most annoyingest voice you could ever imagine.)

Thoughts on the last 2 weeks:

-When my husband calls her his "honey girl" as he changes her diaper, I melt into a puddle on the floor. Hearing him tell her how pretty she is makes me swoon. You'd think he was giving me a complement.
-The novelty of waking up 3+ times a night to nurse my baby has sadly worn off. It was fun but now I'm straight zombie-status-tired y'all. Like, at first, I'd hear her little perfect lips smack together ever so daintily and politely (She doesn't cry, she just smacks her lips when she's hungry. It's not even right the level of adorableness oozing out of that tiny, sweet body). At first, it was new and fun, like having a new puppy waiting for you when you got home from school... I'd joyfully wake up in the wee hours of the night, spring forth from my soft, warm mattress and do a little heel click as I jumped in the air with excitement to spend time with my sweet baby girl feeding her and watching (my boyfriend) Jimmy Fallon....on TV. NOW though, the lack of sleep has caught up with me and by the time I realize she's done with her meal, already passed out with the nip is out of her mouth, I've fallen asleep myself. I'm so tired at night sometimes, it's a wonder my eyes don't start bleeding.

-Naps are a must. I'm learning that if I don't nap when they both nap, I'm not a very nice mommy & I'm not as patient with Elle at night. The discipline of napping has come easy for me.
- The task of raising a daughter is daunting and all together frightening in a way that I never experienced with Conrad, a boy. She needs to be protected in her youth and wooed by her father, dated by her dad and his job of showing her how she should be treated by men needs to be so superior that the average dude will not stand a chance when it comes to winning her heart the way her dad did as she grew up. Raising a daughter scares me. What if she hates me, what if she loves me, what if we're so a like we drive each other crazy, what if she's more of a "daddy's girl", what if she pierces her belly button behind my back or sneaks out of her window to hang out with lame teenage douche bag boys, what if she ends up having really good taste and wants to always borrow my clothes.... (hi mom!) Ugh. The thought of raising a teenage girl stresses me out.
Elle wearing one of Conrad's new born outfits.

-I've learned that a good friend brings you herbal ointment for your raging roid, texts you to ask how your baby is breast feeding, brings you a really fattening meal, brings her kid over to play with your kid so you can have a break and talk to an adult for a few hours, comes over late at night when you're engorged and frazzled to help you latch your baby and give you the confidence you need to be the mom you want to be, prays for you when you need it and brings you sweet baby girl clothes (so your baby doesn't look like a boy...) Thank you, to my incredible friends who have really made me feel so loved. My heart is full.

-Another thing I've learned since having a baby is, DON'T under any circumstances take a mirror down town and check things out. I don't care who you are. Don't do it. I don't know why I felt like it was necessary to investigate the lady parts, but I did. And then I cried and panicked and called another mom friend who assured me that IT DOES go back to normal and then in her, "what the hell were you thinking?!" voice said, "Um, Chelsea, you had a baby 2 weeks ago! Why are you looking down there?!" No one tells you that stuff is going to be shifted around down stairs! Why isn't anyone telling anyone this? I know I "over share" way too much. It's probably unhealthy how much I over share, but lets be real here. Things look a teeny tiny bit different. *For the record, I would have rather torn all the way to my bung hole if it meant being able to birth her how I did. That's just for the record though. 
-Those woman who say that they were back in their skinny jeans the same week they had their baby are bitches. Seriously. But then again, those same bitches probably aren't consuming carrot cake muffins with butter cream frosting at 3am after they feed their baby (450 calories per cake. No joke.) Sure I could exercise a little self control, but DUDE, I feel like a ravaging beast. I'm eating like a 15 year old boy. It's kind of insane and embarrassing how much I eat. But it STILL doesn't make me hate those skinny,
one-week-post-baby, skinny jeans wearing bitches any less....

-Men who wear babies are hot. Period.
-No one told me how fun having two would be. My favorite thing so far was when we were driving to see the midwife in the car for the first time as a family and Conrad pointed to an air plane and shouted, "Look Elliotte, air plane!!!" Or every time we get out of the car, I unbuckle Conrad first and he always says, "Get baby mom. Get baby!" It's cute that he's so concerned for her, OR that he assumes I'd leaver her in the car and forget her..... Either way, it's friggin adorable.

-Another thing I've learned, my husband isn't as comfortable with me nursing in public without a cover as I am with nursing in public without a cover. First off, who wants to eat under a dark sheet, and secondly, who cares. I highly doubt anyone is looking at my boob and getting aroused. We're still in the getting the hang of it stage where I really have to help her latch on properly, so doing that under the cover is really difficult. Plus, we were in the movie theater, so that makes it right I guess.

-The first day alone with two kids, by myself wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.
Our first date, post baby, with baby. 5$ movie night is the best. 
We saw Crazy Stupid Love and I highly recommend it.

{The last two weeks with my new honey girl have been utterly amazing.}


  1. Gosh I'm so happy for you :)
    Love the pics!

  2. i love reading about becoming a mom (again) or for the first time.
    my husband & i have been trying for a while and sometimes it scares the holy hell outta me...
    being a mom seems so exciting & so scary.
    it's nice to have a dose of reality.
    ...and i don't think you over shared. i'm grateful for the honesty!!!

    congrats on your new little lady!


  3. Most adorable photos ever!! She is perfect :)

    And yes, it does go back to normal.. after a while. And why would you look?? You're just crazy lady.

    Oh how I don't miss those nights of nursing. Isaac used to wake up every single hour.. I'm not even kidding! He was an insatiable food monster. And I thought it would NEVER end! But alas, it does. And now I kind of miss it.. maybe I like torture??

    Keep it up mama! You're looking wonderful and that little girl is just too precious.

  4. April Doremus17 August, 2011

    Haha everyone leaves these sweet comments and all I'm thinking about is what my vagina will look like after my baby is here.

  5. So adorable! And the fact that you overshare is one of the reasons I love reading your you said you keep it real. Congratulations again!!

  6. April, it doesn't look "bad" it just looks different. But trust me, it's worth it and if everyone says it will look the same again, i have to believe that!


  7. my heart is bursting at the seams for you all. it's just so darn wonderful and exciting. you're right, it's just unfair how beautiful and cute she it. so much love to you and this newly expanded family!

  8. HahA! You're so funny! And sweet. This post is everything rolled into one.

  9. I know you haven't raised me, especially through my childhood, but you are so RAW and real and genuine that I have WANTED to come to you to be called out on stuff. I really look up to you and have learned SO much from you Chelsea. Don't be worried. I know from experience with you that you're going to do better than fine. She will look up to you also.

    I love you.

  10. ahhh chels, I wish I could be there ;) sounds like you're doing amazing!! and you crack me up, you say everything we're all thinking, its ok there's too much censorship in this world anyways! :D

  11. I've been reading your blog for a little while now (found you through my friend, Victoria...and her blog :) I knew you did photography for her, but didn't know you were also pregnant and doing the natural childbirth :) I just had my daughter, Eleanor (we call her Elle too!) 2 months ago, with a midwife, all natural. It's great reading your thoughts exactly...why didnt anyone tell me about some of these things? Haha...thanks for sharing!

  12. Good job putting lipstick on two weeks after giving birth & don't worry about nursing without a cover. No one's looking at you in a theater. Congrats!

  13. This post was so much goodness. I totally echo your sentiments about being simultaneously excited and terrified at the possibility of raising a girl.And, I appreciate the warning about not scoping things out "downtown." Ha.

  14. Aw, I love this post! So glad that things are going well with little Elliotte, and Conrad sounds like the sweetest big brother. I feel like I'm glimpsing into my possible near future (due in just 3 weeks), or it gives me hope anyway that my toddler won't be as needy as I imagine he will.

  15. What an adorable picture of you three on your movie date!!

    I love all the honesty in this post! Hope you're healing well :-)

  16. she is just so sweet and adorable my friend. many blessings.

  17. Wow it's like you're me. I have the same thoughts about raising a girl and I did the same stupid thing with the mirror. FYI - It does go back to just takes a while. Thanks for the great post!

  18. Awww what a sweet sweet little girl, and I am pretty sure we all knew Conrad was going to be the best big brother! Thanks for being honest, it's one of my favorite things about you! :)

  19. Little Elle is SO precious!
    I've been reading for about a year now and I obviously don't know you, but I feel like I know you and I have to say.... I'm so proud of you!! You did an amazing job! It was so encouraging to read about how God redeemed your first birth by answering all your desires with Elle.
    She is gorgeous. That button nose begs to be smothered with kisses!! (well, not smothered :)
    And I'll keep on praying for you & your family!

  20. 'saying' bunghole made me laugh my Arnie Palmer out my nose. So, thanks for that...

  21. you look amazingly beautiful, so don't you be worrying about people wearing skinny jeans. you need to EAT UP to keep up with a nursing baby! you are doing great!

  22. you rock my world :)
    *cheers* for family nap time (not necessarily together, but at the same time:)
    If we have a girl next, I am with you in feeling overwhelmed...raising a baby/toddler/teenage girl is much more intimidating than a boy. But I know you'll do amazing. Elliotte is a lucky girl to be yours :)
    I'm so glad you had such great, supportive friends!
    I'm against taking mirrors down under too!!! reading about your experience had me laughing a bit only because I totally felt for ya. oh the joys (whaaaaaa?) of recovering after birth. but it will go back to normal...just give it time :)
    Yay for nights out on the town your man and your little babe! I remember taking advantage of my slumbering newborn with going to the movies too! :)

    Loving your REAL, upbeat, comical, tender, tough, beautiful thoughts on post baby life :)

  23. While I can relate to EVERYTHING you mentioned, the one that gets the most rise out of me right now is your comment about all those women who are back in their pre-preggo jeans. I daydreamed about leaving the hospital at least 15lbs lighter and then because i'm exclusively breast-feeding, having the rest fall right off. YEAH RIGHT. So many things are hard enough with a newborn, but still having to wear maternity clothes and not having anything else (even shirts) fit?!?! torture. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. I'm starting to worry now that breastfeeding isn't going to be the weight savior it was promised to be. I'm only coming up on a month post-partum, but I thought I'd have lost more by now... :( and since I haven't yet reached that "motherhood is SO amazing" stage, it's hard for me to look at my body now and appreciate what it means!

  24. Oh Karen, i'm right there with you sister. the post pregnancy body, especially after a month sucks ballz with a capital Z! It will get easier though. I'm not losing any weight nursing at all. Once we start walking and it gets cooler out, we'll walk and i bet the weight will come off easier. Hang in there hun. Your body's changes are a sacrifice you've made to sustain the life of your baby and wear the extra weight with pride as much as you can. And hey, maternity clothes are comfy! I'm wearing my maternity pants as i type!