Monday, September 17

Nose Suckers & Sleepless Nights.

Baby girl has been teething all week. She likes my bed more than hers & I don't blame her one bit. We've all been taking naps during nap time (even me) and I believe it's the only thing that hasn't made me totally snap during the late night rocking-Elle-for-hours-sessions.... I don't do well on 2 hours of sleep, I will confess. Thankfully, Dustin's patience saves the night when I've "had enough!" and need some sleep. It's got to be teething because she wants to be cuddled upright. Thank god for clove oil (for those teefers) and garlic oil (for those ears). I sometimes wonder what I did before garlic oil.... anytime I see her tug on those ears, I put a few drops in and she seems happier. No ear infections yet!

Anyway. Sadly, I think these last few posts might be my last on this here blog for a while as I've gotten busier with work and can't devote much more time to anything other than my family, home & my little photography biz. I'm feeling so excited and rejuvenated lately with all of the incredible blessings surrounding my business- I can't wait to share more on this later! 

But for now, a few shots of baby girl sleeping. 

{Really digging THIS band lately.}


  1. I can totally relate even though Sophia isn't teething yet... I had a few meltdowns this past week from getting no sleep! You're such a great little momma. Love you friend

  2. sweet dreams to your little sweet pea. sorry she's been teething and making it so mama doesn't get much sleep :( those oils you mentioned...are they essential oils?? my sister in-law sells them but i haven't quite decided if they're worth the price. that's awesome that garlic oil has helped her ears! (seeing little ones with ear infections tugs at my heart strings a little extra for some reason)

    and that's awesome you business is doing so great and is moving up and out! :) i was going to tell you to please keep blogging! even if it's just uploading pictures of your cute fam :) but then i remember how much i love your writing... :)

  3. What a doll! I'm sad to not get to follow you on here as often but I'm so happy things are going well in your life!