Monday, September 10

Gold Sparkly Baby Butts.

Sadly, this dessert dweller can count only but a few times that I've ever been to the beach. The beach is amazing. The beach is one of my favorite things ever-in the whole world. It can swallow you whole if it catches you just right, it can calm your soul and make you feel very small at the same time. The ocean humbles me, it puts fear in me when I look at it and realize just how big it is. It is a mystery, it is lovely, it's salty foaminess makes everything more romantic than any pool of water ever could. My friend Cara and I were looking out at the ocean as Dustin and the kids were playing in the water and she explained to me that the beach is where she hears God speak. Its where she goes to refresh her soul and be alone. She says that when the foamy, bubbly water comes up to her feet it's like God is kissing her toes. I like that idea of God coming up and kissing the tips of my toes.... 

My favorite thing was watching the gold flecks of sand sparkle on Elle's legs as she shoveled baby handfuls of sand up towards her and massaging it all over herself. She ate it, scooped it up, picked up her shovel and cried when we stripped her down and cleaned her up. She was heart broken to leave the beach and sand. Her little sparkly, naked baby butt was the sweetest thing.

Dustin buried Conrad all the way up to his chest. It was the funniest thing ever. 
Can't we just live by the ocean and never wear shoes 
and eat fish tacos for breakfast lunch & dinner?


  1. I know exactly what she means in her description of the beach. It's the most calming, peaceful place....and somehow it stays that way even when you are dragging two kids out there! favorite thing is our summer beach services that our church does. The beach in the morning and the beach in the evening are SO very different.

    Glad you had such a wonderful little trip :)


  2. It's funny, I actually thought of you Rachel while i was at the beach and thought about your beach church services. That sounds pretty darn amazing.


    1. It is!! The music, the teaching, the baptism, the kids playing in the background...all in the beauty of God's gorgeous sunset. Wish you could join us for one sometime! You'd love it!!

  3. The beach is my perfect place too. It's just good for the soul. So glad you are having such a great trip!

  4. I am so in love with this post and these pictures knowing I was there for all of it and know exactly what you mean when you ask if we can have fish tacos forever and always. I miss you so much, I can't believe how much closer I feel to you after just spending ONE DAY with you. I miss you. Gonna start mapping my way out to Vegas soon. Love you, Chels. xoxo

  5. I love the thought of God kissing the tips of your toes!Such a beautiful thought,I'll definitely remember it when I'm at the beach next week!

  6. Those photos of Conrad and Dustin are precious!!!

    ps- these posts are making me so jealous! I need to get my butt to San Diego and soon!

  7. ya'll are TOOOO cute! lovin the suits!