Saturday, September 8

California Trip 1.

We took a last minute trip to California (Newport) to be exact. Last minute meaning, we kind of planned it, kind of almost canceled it last minute, kind of threw all of our stuff in a bag at midnight the night before and forgot just about everything we really needed (i.e. a bra. I didn't bring a single bra and didn't realize it until we had gotten there. Also didn't bring tooth brushes, OR deodorant....) BUT I did however remember all things necessary for a daddy-mommy wait til the kids pass out and find somewhere in our one tiny hotel room to act like the kids don't exist so we can get as crazy as two people can get when we're trying not to wake said children up..... we've all been there right?

 It's like, lets make out! I really want to make out! You're so hot right now, let's DO this!....

but where?

Oh, I know! This closet with the wire hangers hanging up and rickety ironing board in the corner!! Surely that won't be noisy! And if Conrad wakes up, we can just grab the iron real quick and he'll just think we're ironing..... because his pants-less father ironing an invisible pair of slacks is totally a normal thing that happens in our family....

As parents of young people, you try to find those sexy moments in-between the other moments where you're bouncing an overly tired baby to sleep or running down to hotel lobby to get ice cream for your very whiny three year old who needs to be quiet so baby sister can go ni-night and we've run out of options so an ice-cream field trip to the lobby it is! If it means we're making out in a closet, I'm ok with that. Just as long as our sexy time doesn't diminish because we're caught up in the needs of our kids. The most awkward moment of our trip: Dustin rummaging through my bag searching for his tooth brush & deodorant only to find half of our night stand sexy time remnants in our toiletry bag.... Oops. Don't have a single tooth brush to brush my teeth but we've got lube! Praise the lord on high, we've got lube and raincoats! So awkward. I do not pretend to have it all together folks, and this here is evidence of that.

We had a blast though. Seriously, it was so much fun. We don't go on vacation all but once a year and it was so needed and appreciated. Any little bump in the road we managed to laugh off and not take ourselves too seriously, so that was nice. Usually, loud concert crowd goers (A Kenny G concert....) near our hotel room would really light a fire under my ass at ten o'clock when I'm trying to fall asleep but a day at the beach and fish tacos put a softness in my soul that I really needed. I swear that concert was going on right outside our window though....

Ok, so enough about lube and Kenny G. Here are the first half of the pictures of our little weekend in Newport. 

1-4. Baby girl on the beach
5 & 6. Nursies on the beach & the cave
7. Breakfast straw stealing and snuggles with Daddy
8. Yellow horse rids. 
9. Petting sting rays at The Aquarium Of The Pacific
10-12. Fishes 
13. Sea Dragons 

My dear friend Cara's husband Dan showed us this secluded area where we could set up camp and beach out for a while. It was amazing. It had a cave area that was completely shaded that we put our blanket & chairs down and splashed around in the ocean. Conrad was so silly about the ocean. He would run so fast from the waves, giggle & shout, "The waves are gonna eat me up mom! They're gonna get me!" The last time he saw the ocean he was 15 months old (when we went to San Diego for my half) and would not let us put him down on the sand because of the texture but now that he's a bit older, he totally loved it. 


  1. So so sweet! Glad you had a chance to get away, and to the beach! I can't wait to take Isaac to the beach. After all, he was born in Encinitas. The surfing capital of San Deigo! He hasn't been since he was only a couple weeks old, so I know that doesn't really count :P

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  3. This is so hilarious. We've been there, in that one, tiny hotel room. Yay for creativity! ;-)

    And your little girl in that frilly pink bathing suit? Baby squishy adorable-ness. I love it.

  4. Ohhh my goodness! You are hilarious and real! I love it! Looks like a great trip!

  5. That picture of Elle on Daddy's lap KILLS MEEEEE.
    Love you. Also, so glad you remembered the lube but forgot the tooth brush. Sex is way more important than clean teeth, anyway. xoxo

  6. i totally read this post last weekend during a middle-of-the-night feeding with Ava and couldn't comment on my phone...but I wanted to tell you the adorable pictures of your awesome beach vacation made me smile and your words made laugh! cheers to being sneaky!! ;)