Sunday, August 26

Tired & Inspired.

After getting home late last night from shooting a birth, then staying up extra late watching 
Bored To Death and munching on pop corn in bed with the hubs, I was more than tired getting up this morning. *But not as tired as the midwife who delivered my friends baby, who ended up delivering three babies yesterday (yikes!) One of which who was breech (but doing fine!) The midwives at Well Rounded Momma are so bad ass and always impress me with how well they care for woman and their babes. There hasn't been a birth yet that I've been to that I haven't cried along with the mom & dad when baby is born. I'm always left feeling inspired and in awe of the perfect way in which our bodies were made and are able to birth, when we believe we can and are surrounded by love and support. 

So this morning I made a big pot of coffee and we headed out to a new breakfast place, 
because heck, I deserved a big egg white omelet with avocados, 
chicken and buffalo sauce after last night!  <----- mouth watering. 

Dustin grabbed the camera and said to Conrad,
"Look at Mom & Lula. Aren't they the most beautiful girls in the world?"
We're kind of cute though, right?
Dried green beans & banana. Breakfast of champions! 
Grumpy-hungry face & crazy-eyeballs-daddy face. 

Feeling grateful for this season in my life with so much change and so much to be inspired by. 

{Have a great rest of your weekends, lovelies.}


  1. you have such a beautiful family!
    that omelet sounds AMAZING. yum! : )

  2. I love reading your blog. You are a good momma! I was wondering what kind of wrap you are wearing in these pictures? Thanks!

    I just started a blog myself : )

  3. Thanks ladies!

    It's a maya wrap.
    I love LOVE it! It's super easy to throw on and have with me to nurse discretely.

    Heres a link but you can also find them on ebay and they're fairly easy to make as well.

  4. Such a cute family you have! I love the wrap.

  5. um yes. you girls are VERY cute. thanks for popping by!

  6. First time commenting over here. *Raises delurking flag*

    I have to tell you, I love your passion for women and birth, I love your beautiful photographs, and I love the way you talk about your sweet family. It's all so contagious! There, I said it.

  7. Thank you for the link. I love that I can nurse with these!

  8. That omelet sounds amaaaazing!Your family is just adorable!

    p.s.I'm one of your newest followers! :)

  9. Love these sweet pictures of you guys :)

    quick question - what lens do you use when filming a birth? I know the lighting isn't the greatest. I am going to be filming a friends and I want to be overly prepared :)