Thursday, November 17

Hand Eye Coordination

Apple Jacks, dry pasta & Play Doh. 
Fun way to learn sorting & patterns. 
 It's been challenging to think of more ways to keep an active toddler entertained/stimulated while caring for a squishy baby girl. Mothering both of these two kiddlets simultaneously has been the HARDEST thing in the world-but yet so rewarding. Last night, for example, had I not had extra help (Dotty) to hang out with us, help with bath time and story time, and then stay for dinner and have girl time with me while Dustin was traveling with work, life would have been much harder. 

But back to the said toddler. I've been trying to come up with more activities to keep him busy & learning. If you have any great ideas, tips, or fun toddler craft websites send them my way! 





  2. This guy is an artist and he comes up with tons of fun things to do with his twins. Lots of homemade crafty toy ideas:

    He published a book and he's gotten more popular and I find his blog a bit more difficult to navigate now, but I think I was just used to the old layout...

  3. snack + learning game ;) ...LOVE this! i'm excited to try this with Brooks :)

  4. I have tons of sites for you. Once i get to my computer i will forward them.

  5. It's definitely tricky to do age appropriate things for a toddler + an infant at the same time.
    I was actually just reading this blog last night that shares fun & inexpensive toddler activities:

    This site has great toddler ideas that use water bottles:
    I can't wait to make I-Spy bottles for the boys I babysit! They're customizable and SUPER cheap Christmas gifts compared to the retail priced ones.
    Hope that helps!