Friday, September 2

MerNaids Aren't Supposed To Be Scary:

We had a play date yesterday at the aquarium inside of the Silverton. I thought Conrad would LOVE watching half fish, half human-pretty-colorful mermaids swimming around with the sharks and fishes, but he was totally freaked out. Actually, he was quite terrified-at first. It took him a while to warm  up to the idea but once he saw his friends dancing with the merNaids, he decided they weren't so scary.... 

I thought we'd snap a quick picture together in front of the aquarium, with the lovely, mermaids, but right as I picked him up, he lost it and was half crying, half yelling and clinging onto my neck AND Elle's neck (She was sleeping in the sling....) It was sad. It was funnier than it was sad, but it was still sad. 
Hiding from the merNaids.  

Watching the "mernaids" dance:
On the way home, (over and over like a broken record), 
he kept wanting me to turn around and watch him dance like the mermaids. 

I don't want to forget how painfully adorable he is at this age. 
It hurts my heart in the best way when he calls them "mernaids." 

{Have a great weekend!}


  1. oh my gosh I have never seen anything like that before! how cool! hehe what a cute reaction ;)


  2. Dude. That sting ray is checkin out that mernaid's starfish. I don't ever think I could do that job because 1. I can't swim. 2. They'd have to find Giant Clam shells for my boobies.

    I love this adorable annoying age they're in ;]

  3. What a fun activity for kids! Well... kids who don't burst into tears at least. I wonder what it's like to be a mermaid... I wonder how well they can see through the glass...

  4. Hahaha! I'm sorry he was scared but ADORABLE! What a weird concept though (the mermaids thingie).

  5. MERNAIDS. oh my goooosh what an adorable little sweet pea. although i'm sorry it was funnier than it was sad. i guess that happens when you have a crazy toddler. :P LOVE YOU.

  6. Ps (because I just watched the video) conrad is the cutest little freaking boy on the entire planet. and i love how much he loves elliotte.

  7. He looks so grown up with that haircut! Glad you guys got to venture out and try something new, even if it was hard!