Monday, July 11

Conversations In The Car With My Boys:

Our plans to take Conrad to Bonny Springs to see the animals Sunday didn't really work out due to the rain we experienced, but we decided to brave the weather anyway and headed to Trader Joe's for fresh cherries. To our surprise, once we got in the car, the rain cleared up. The trip to buy cherries was well worth it though. When we got home, Dustin got out his French cook book and whipped up some delicious cherry custard. I pleaded and begged him not to bake it, but he wouldn't listen..... Needless to say half of it is gone now. (See, HE'S the problem with my "eat right pregnancy plan". It's not ME, it's HIM!) I'm such a sucker for his baked goods, but whatever. Only a few weeks of being pregnant left! I might as well indulge a bit, right?

I'm 36 weeks this week! Eeeekkk!!! We had a really great weekend though. Saturday morning we went in search of baby essentials (a travel swing that fits in our tiny condo) with my Mom, and found some great deals at the garage sales we hit, but no swing. Then we had breakfast at Sunrise Cafe. I had an egg white omelet with chicken, avocados, chicken wing sauce and cheese. On the way home, I had to pull over to throw up and a security guard saw me and came to see if I was ok. My Mom said she was going to try to stop me from eating my entire meal, and half of hers, but I couldn't be stopped. At this point, it's like, if you eat too much, expect to see it come back up. Over-eating is really just not a cute thing to do when you're this huge.

Dustin took Conrad's baby car seat apart and washed it this weekend which is making this all feel way too real!

Can't wait for the baby to get here in a few weeks! 


  1. Your laugh. Oh Lord, I love it.
    We have a Dodge Neon that looks about the size of your car and it is a TIGHT fit with two carseats. HATE it.

  2. i just love you and your little family <3

    cannot WAAAAAAAAAIT for that baby to come!!

  3. I hear you Mae. That's what's so hard about cars. My little car was purchased in 06' (brand new with nothing down) and in 6 months, that baby will be PAID OFF!!!! Dustin drives a white pick up which is also paid off to and from work and school, so the idea of NOT having a car payment and being able to put more money towards debt is a lot more appealing than having something bigger. But Imagining how I'm going to go grocery shopping and fitting two kids in that car is boggling my mind. We'll make it work though! ***we HAVE to! ;)

    Thanks Rachel. I love your little family too!!!!

  4. goodness girl you have two cute, funny men :) Loved seeing them and hearing you! favorite parts: "It's all down hill from here"...your stellar laugh and the shaking camera..."praise the Lord!"

    SO STINKIN' ADORABLE :) thanks for making me smile!!

  5. POST MORE VIDEOS! That was the cuuuutest ever!
    I knew Conrad was cute but seeing this made me really realize how SWEET he is too!

  6. YOU have the cutest laugh ever. And Conrad telling Dustin that he was done laughing... BAHAH so precious.

    Love you.

  7. If you are at 36 weeks, there is a slight possibility that your baby will share my birthday! Fun! Conrad is adorable. "Pwaise the Lord!" Love it :)

  8. oh my! LOVED the video!! too cute :)