Wednesday, June 8

Weekly Surf:

Seeing toddlers included in their siblings births makes me smile
Nursery decor done in pretty earth tones
My favorite month by month montage of a baby's growth that I've seen so far
Rug inspiration for the nursery
My husband's favorite blog, other than mine of course! 
Loving these shoes (green please!)
I could spend hours on this site browsing gorgeous decor ideas
Mom, your "potential" grand daughter said she wanted this.
Pretty-preggy-self portrait

Our week, In photos:
My Mom & Conrad riding around on his cars:
An outfit I'd love to have, when I'm not shaped like a watermelon. 
I'm in love with the pretty-one sleeve and those gorgeous pants.
What entertains him enough that I can sit on my butt and rest while he plays: pop sickle & chalk 
Home made California rolls:
A {unisex} gift for the baby when he/she is born:
After pouring my {decaf} coffee into my cup, I failed to grab a separate bowl for my cereal and poured my cereal right into my coffee cup.... 

Is friday here yet?! Oh, what's that you say? It's only Wednesday! UGH! This week has been SO long and so hard..... (that's what she said.) Oh no she didn't! But seriously though, has this week been really hard and long for anyone else?! My poor husband came home early (again) to save me from throwing myself off the balcony yesterday. I have been so painfully tired. I worked up until 36 weeks with Conrad, but was at a desk all day, and boy'oh boy is this last trimester chasing a two year old SO much more work than sitting at a desk was (for me). 

I was telling Dustin that my back was aching the other day while I was sitting on the floor playing with Conrad, and Conrad looked up and put his hand on my belly and said, "Jesus name! Amen!" I then realized that he was praying for my back and it got me emotional realizing that all of mommy's crazy talking-to-herself-throughout-the-day might actually be resinating with his sweet two year old heart.
 I love that he "get's" it. He understands that when we need help, we pray. I feel like It took me a very long time for that natural constant conversation/relationship to come with the Lord, but I'm glad that he's starting to understand.

{Have a lovely day!}


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have poured my cereal into my coffee before...and I've never been preggo.

  2. That is so precious that Conrad prayed for your back! LOVE.

  3. WOW. I love that your sweet boy prayed for your back. Wow.


  4. How cute is it that Conrad prayed for you! That is so tender!!! I also have to say I saw that outfit posted in the Anthro catalogue and I needed to own has not magically appeared yet, unfortunately.

  5. that is soooOO cute that he did that!

  6. Your son is the sweetest.

    Hang in there - you're such a good mama!

  7. as always i enjoyed browsing through your weekly web finds :) That image of the pregnant woman is stunning!

    And i loved the photos of your week :) [The cheerios a-la coffee picture and story made me giggle;) And it made my heart smile to think about Conrad saying a little prayer for his mama who was hurting! You're teaching your little man well :)

  8. Those shoes are SO cute! And what an adorable photo of your mom and Conrad. She must be so good with him :)
    Oh and I just started following that man blog on twitter like 2 days ago. Love it!

  9. oh girl, i feel your pain. i feel like all my blog entries in my last few months of pregnancy with willow were nothing but complaining. is SO HARD the second time around when you have no time for rest because your chasing your toddler! soon though...the end is near :) :) :)

  10. him putting hi hand on your belly & saying that prayer is the cutest thing ever. sorry you're having a rough week! cheers to the wkend! when daddy's are home! for you & me both ;)

  11. Dude, that is SOOOOOO friggin' adorable. It brightened my day reading about Conrad's prayer!

  12. Love reading your posts. Hang in must be lots of energy being so preg and caring for Conrad. Blessed/convicted me reading about Conrad's prayer. I pray enough with my little ones. This is a beautiful reminder :)

  13. meant to say i DON'T pray enough with my little ones.

  14. Those California rolls look sooo yummy! I
    Have totally been craving those too!


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    Good luck!

  16. that "dropping" pic is absolutely gorgeous. thanks for sharing!

  17. Love the coffee cereal! Hilarious... :)