Sunday, June 19

This Week...

-This week I got new glasses. They're slowly growing on me. I like them because they're Burgundy. AND I only paid 20$ for them.
-This week I realized I have a love/hate relationship with my braces. The love part: they fix my grill. The hate part: while getting a pedicure recently, I was asked what hospital I was having my baby, to which I replied, "Hopefully at home!" which opened up a whole can of let-me- tell-you-everything-I-know-about-birth-because-obviously-everyone-&-their-mom-is-dying-to-know-about-the-world-health organizations-suggestion-for-induction-of-labor ON YO' ASS! Note to Chelsea, no one cares! I know. So the whole time I'm staring back at this girl who was sitting next to me, asking me various questions about birth, with this blank stare on her face that I couldn't quite figure out. When I got in the car to drive home, I check my teeth and find half of my salad all caught up in my braces. THAT'S what she was staring at! My nastiness! Awesome.
Why does this picture make me want to go, "Yeeeahhh!" In my lil' Jon voice?

-This week Dustin suggested that if the baby is born with blue skin, we could name it Grover! Really Dustin? Grover? Clearly he is not taking this baby naming business very seriously. Grover... Pfft. He predicts we won't have a name until the baby is a week old. Sadly, he's probably right.
-This week a complete stranger came up to me at the store and excitedly hugged me like I was her best friend and rubbed my belly really hard and fast squealing with excitement and congratulating me, saying, "You are so beautiful! God, you are just so beautiful." I should have been totally freaked out but walked away feeling so happy. I was having a pretty shit-tastic day and she put a smile on my face.
-This week, during a commercial break while watching Tosh.0, and as I got up to scrounge for something sweet and fattening to snack on, I did the booty dance in front of the hubby, you know, the one that guarantees a good time & without even flinching he goes, "Um, babe, you're real cute shakin' your ass and all, but really? You're getting big now. It's just not doin' it for me....I love you, but no." To which I keep shakin my junk all the way to the freezer and play it off like I wasn't trying to be sexy for him anyway! Whatever. I'm cute, even if I'm big and round!
-This week I watched this incredible water-birth video. I bet you can't make it through the whole thing without blubbering like a baby. This was one of my favorites thus far.
-This week at the cleaners, an older, wrinkly Lithuanian lady with a thick accent noticed my belly and without hesitation said, "You're having a boy. Come back in a few weeks and let me know if I was right. I usually am." Just like that. She predicted the sex. So matter of fact. At first, I was kind of pissed at her because why'd she have to go and ruin the surprise. But then as I walked to my car, It hit me. MAYBE it is a boy! I rubbed my belly and smiled.
-This week I ate a turkey burger with jalapenos, BBQ sauce and pickles. It was an out of body experience. I knew those japs were on their way back up but I forced them down and went on wit' my bidness.
-This week as I layed in my dark living room (practicing fake contractions and deep breathing. Don't make fun!) listening to my birth meditation cd, Dustin layed down on the ground next to me whispering sweet encouraging things into my ear. I melted. I can't believe we'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage this week. Yikes! I love that man.
-This week, Conrad felt the baby kicking and shouted, "Baby danced! Baby danced Momma!" OMG, I want to squish his face off.

{Preview of our maternity session with my sweet friend Bobbie. More to come.}
Conrad hasn't stopped saying, "Ride in boat Mommy! We ride in boat!!!" I think that red canoe really had quite a impression on him. Sweet boy. My favorite thing about this photo is Conrad's little toe head peeking out of the boat. He's got such a serious look on his face. 


  1. I LOVE your interactions with Dustin. They are so funny, sweet, and freaking honest. He makes comments that remind me of my husband too, so that's fun. Thanks, as always for sharing!

    Are you going to go back and tell the cleaning lady if she was right or not? That is so crazy interesting! I wonder what her accuracy rate is. (ps. I think you're having a boy too.)

    Gorgeous picture of y'all, and Conrad is looking so cute! The two of you are so serious, and Dustin is grinning in the back of the boat. Of course, right? And KUDOS to you for getting pictures in a swimsuit top!

  2. Goodness, I always love reading these. I love that Dustin 'wasn't feeling' your booty dance, that he lay down and whispered sweet things to you, that Conrad's little face is just like my bigger little sister's was when she was holding the newborn littlest sister.

  3. OMG!! LOVE that photo!!!! Cannot wait to see more!!

  4. can't wait for 2 things.......

    more pics & the name!!!!!!!!!

  5. That's so funny! While I was pregnant with Isaac I had 2 Asian ladies tell me on separate occassions, "you're having a boy, right?" Like they just knew. I think some people just have a knack for it and can tell!

    And can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)

  6. We are having our second boy in october! I'm so excited! When did you get braces, I've honestly never noticed them!!!

  7. Well lots to say...
    1) Cannot wait to see more of those family pics! That one is amazing!
    2) You are getting SO close!!! So exciting! I got to witness my sister have her baby early this morning and it was such a miracle.
    3) Happy almost Anniversary!!! We are celebrating ours next week!
    Lastly, love the glasses!
    :D Anna

  8. i am going to comment like anna:

    1. i love your new glasses.
    2. woohoo for 5 years of marriage!!
    3. i LOVE that maternity preview....beautiful :)

  9. CECI'S FILMING LILY'S BIRTHDAY!!!! We're DEF hiring her for our next birth, and if her mama client doesn't go into labor on Lily's birthday party, she's coming to film it!!!! Can't even tell you how excited I am about this.
    You are gorgeous. If I was [welll....I am...but we're not talking about that ;] a stranger I'd totally come up and attack your belly. Damn straight.
    "Baby Danced!!!" omfg. I died just now. died. Are you happy? You killed me. A-hole.

  10. Mae, I.LOVE.YOU!

    ;) You crack me up!

    I'm sort of really jealous that she's filming Lily's birthday! I wish I could find a videographer in vegas to do my birth!

  11. haha these are so funny.

    love that last pic!

  12. Kasie Cantor20 June, 2011

    "Why does this picture make me want to go, "Yeeeahhh!" In my lil' Jon voice?"

    This made me laugh out loud!! I just pictured you saying that with a gangster face and a gold chain aruond your neck

  13. Three boys later and not one person has ever predicted a girl for me (based on how my belly looks). I love my boys!

    Your son is absolutely flipping adorable in that photo.

  14. Oh my gosh that maternity pic... gorgeous.

  15. Congrats on 5 years!!! Oh and your last photo...i die. It is so gorgeous!

  16. oh i can't wait to see the rest of your maternity shoot! ABSOLUTELY LOVE the one you shared :)

    And fan-tastic glasses! burgundy would look gorgeous on you! maybe a color photo soon? :)

    and I have wanted braces for a straighten out a few teeth, and to make sure they don't move around as I get I'm sure I'll have an experience like yours at the nail salon ;) but yay for pretty toes!!

  17. Hi Chelsea, I just wanted to say that I have been following along on your pregnancy journey and have found all your posts about your upcoming labour very interesting and informative. Thank you so much. You have got me thinking about what I can do to change the outcome of my next labour (in Nov).
    I too had an "emergency" c-section with my Noah. It was such a mess, the whole experience. I'm really hoping for better for my next. Thank you for getting me thinking. xox

  18. um i love you and that picture and your blog. thats all.