Friday, April 29

Weekly Surf:

I want this on a wall in our home
This post showed me how selfish & vain I really am lately
Gorgeous, vintage inspired baby girl's room (the wall papered wall is to die)
A blog celebrating hot dads a.k.a "D.I.L.F's"
After searching high and low, I found this crib for sale on CL. (I'll let you know when it's painted and pretty)

I've been one sick momma this week. It's been rough. Thankfully, my super sweet nurse friend came over with her fancy stethoscope today to check my lungs assuring me I wasn't indeed dying a slow, pitiful death. She also brought me medicine and hugs. (Thanks Kristy!) Dustin came home early from work after I called him today crying (Conrad crying in the back ground, harmonizing with my sobs...good times.) I was at the end of my rope and couldn't do it any longer. This whole being pregnant, being deathly ill and having the energy to get up from the couch to, "Dance Mommy! Dance!!!" was not in our cards today. You know the worst part about being sick, aside from feeling like death and coughing so bad you soil yourself (every time I cough, I pee. It's super cute wetting yourself, trust me.) is NOT BEING ABLE TO TASTE! It's the worst part! I will gladly pee my pants all day just as long as I can taste Oreo custard! I had some pretty intense cravings for Oreo custard yesterday but once I took that first bite I couldn't taste it at all! I could have cried.

Dustin's making me his famous chicken noodle soup tonight. He made it for me when we were dating and it totally stole my heart. Nothing hotter than a man who can make homemade noodles! Lets hope it helps get me cleared out (so I can taste again!)


  1. aww...feel better soon, friend. i know the feeling. it's awful when you can't take anything for it.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  3. You poor sweet thing! Praying for you.
    Love you so much.

  4. poor mama! Feel better soon!!

  5. BOOOO!!! Tell them germs to GTFO...
    speaking of offensive abbreviations...we should totally start a DILF series...I spent WAAAAAAAY too much time on that site, like, for real. It was shameful. And by DILF series I mean those dad's we'd like to...and have ;] Our own men!

  6. We'll just make our own series.... with nothing but pictures of our husbands and our kids.....

    I've spent way to much time on that site too. Too many hot dilfs.

  7. The best way to get the beachy hair look - good tutorial. You're not just sneezing and peeing yourself to get your man to make homemade chicken noodle soup, are you? jk Feel better soon girl!

  8. Hahaha! you crack me up girl!


  9. Ah! I Sympathize you poor lady! I just had that stupid coughing cold and it was miserable...I loved your weekly surf this week, I am so JEALOUS of the crib you found...I need to find one too! and I really appreciated the post about patience and what we should really think about being thankful for, Even if it is just being thankful for having barely anything to eat in the fridge! That was so sad, but so true!
    I hope you feel better!

  10. can't believe i made your surf list, haha! how exciting:)

    and wow, that post on the poor starving children makes me want to cry my eyes out. gooooood reminder. i was complaining today how messy my house was and now i feel way convicted for that. and for saying there is nothing good to eat in the fridge. eek the list could go on. thanks for sharing that.

    hope you get well soon!

  11. Oh poor mama hope you feel better soon, loving the vintage girls room

  12. ooooh yeah, I spent a bunch of time on the "DILF" site. yum yum. ;)

    I'm glad you're feeling better! (As referenced in the "carousal" post.)

  13. about the weekly surf, I aboslutely love that "in this family WE DO" link...fabulous :) And I saw the PB&J sushi rolls a little while ago and knew I'd have to save that idea for when Brooks can use chopsticks ;)

    I'm sorry you are (hopefully were) feeling so sick! :( Thank goodness for sweet husbands who can cook!

    PS - Brooks and I have totally harmonized in our cries as well ;)

  14. oh and the oreo custard! Goodness I hope you get your taste back soon! I've tried an oreo mouse before...oh my HEAVEN. Do you have a recipe for that custard? :)

  15. Ohh you poor thing...Im so glad that you are feeling better by now. Also, thank you so much for the link-love! You are the best:) Hugs and kisses