Friday, April 22

Weekly Surf + Our Week In Photos:

This Super cute 60's inspired dress is perfect for a summer bbq
A blog devoted to sharing natural birth stories

Our Week In Photos:
We visited the splash pad after his nap to get some sun.
Little nugget.
Can't go to the grocery store without first visiting the "Goggies" at the pet store.
A baby turtle floating on it's Mommy's back.
Chocolate covered frozen bananas....a pregnant girls delight.
I pretended this smoothie was a Krispy Kreme doughnut. It wasn't as good but filled me up
and got my mind off of it for a.... half hour.
Good morning, Goofy pants.
I've been reading Birthing From Within. The drawings make me giggle.
Pj's and prenatals.
I ate the whole jar. In 2 minutes flat. What?
The fascination with my electric tooth brush continues. What's weird slash disgusting is that he soaks it in his own spit and then turns it on and spit flies all over the place and in his hair & lashes. Cute, but equally gross. What's extra cute is when he holds up Mr. Potato Heads mustache to his face pretending he's Dustin and says, "Daddy!"
{Hope you all have a really great weekend.}


  1. awesome links! those hats on etsy are adorable :)
    have a lovely weekend and a blessed easter!

  2. He's so cute. That picture in the birthing book made me giggle also.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend =]

  3. Um, his face when he's looking at that toothbrush is PRICELESS. love.

  4. Oh my goodness, your son is SUCH A CUTIE!!! And I totally agree, baby needs that hat :)

  5. thanks so much for including au naturale!
    are you running natural birth stories here for awhile? i'll have to tell my readers.


  6. Wow he is so into that toothbrush, that has to be the most precious photo ever. And that article about dressing your kids like tramps? What? I was freaking out, that's just nuts. I don't even dress like that. And I have the chest of a 7-year-old. :]

  7. Awww sooooo sweet :) That little boy is perfection.

  8. i love every single picture

  9. still reading.....just haven't commented in forever :)
    your little nugget and his blue eyes??? ADORABLE :)
    i LOVEd your links today :) especially the one for every momma to read :)

    a jar of artichokes?? too funny!!!!!

    thanks for being beautiful :)

  10. oh your lil nugget is the cutest!


  11. Be careful visiting those dogs... we did that once and came home with our pup ;-)

    P.S. I'm having a fun accessories swap on my blog, I'd love for you to join in!

  12. Ahhhh, splash pads:) Miss you too friend.

  13. Thanks for including my birth story! I'm glad it encouraged you. I think pregnant mamas can use every bit of encouragement they can get to prepare. Specially VBACS. After I had the baby I was like, "WHEW, so glad that's over! Sure was easier than I thought. Did that really just happen??" :) I hope yours is awesome.

  14. Your little one is so cute and I adore all those photos. Thank you so much for including exPress-o in your links:) Totally made my day:) Have a great day

  15. Chelsea, sorry to bother you, but I am about 11 weeks pregnant and the only thing I can stomach at the moment are smoothies. I was trying to find some of your posts regarding smoothies recipes but I came up empty handed. Can you re-post some, if you have time? Your smoothies always look so yummy.


  16. Natalie, my go to smoothie every day consists of:

    1 frozen banana
    1 handful of frozen blue berries or strawberries (I also like pineapple or mango, whatever is on sale at the time)
    2 big handfulls of raw spinach
    1 carrot
    1 orange
    a cup of trader joes cranberry juice (it's really potent)
    and a cup or so of orange juice.

    It makes enough for 2 big glassfuls of fruit/veggie smoothie and I give some to my toddler too to drink. I drink about a glass and a half almost every morning.

    Hope that helps. ;) Congrats on your pregnancy!

  17. Thanks. I shall try it out today. yum!