Friday, April 8

Enjoying This Changing Season

I've been taking it all in, this season, knowing that it is all about to change and 
will never be the same again.

I know that once this new, sweet baby comes, my older baby will all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, become my older child....and this realization has made me look at my little boy with new eyes. I am paying closer attention to the little quirky things he does, his silliness, his wonder, how he always wants to sit on the counter and watch me as I load fruit into the blender every morning. He still jumps and laughs when I turn it on.... Things like that. I almost feel as if I'm falling in love again with this little person, my Conrad. I'm seeing him with fresh eyes and embracing all of him because these "only child" days are coming to an end. 
 I have been planning all of the fun Mommy & Conrad dates I want to have with him before I am no longer all his, but will be shared by his sibling. I want to take him to the Shark Reef to see the jelly fish and the octopus. I want to take him to the museum and to the beach one last time (I'm hoping he will enjoy the sand this time around...) I'm holding onto these days, this wonderful season of the two of us, and becoming more & more excited for the wonderful days ahead with the new baby.
 I love seeing all of my friends who have more than one kiddo, it encourages me to know that I will indeed love the next baby just as much as I do Conrad. Even though seeing these only child days pass so quickly, makes me so sad, I can't tell you how excited I am to watch Conrad & his sibling play, make each other laugh, see him help the baby when the baby's crying... It's going to be SO much fun. Just yesterday my good friend Sarah and her baby Kai came over to play and Conrad was bringing Kai toys and wanting to play with him-it melted my heart.
 While we were laying on the living room rug watching cartoons and playing yesterday, I felt the lil' bean kicking away so I quickly told Conrad to feel my tummy and right as he had his little hand on my stomach, the baby kicked away really hard and Conrad looked at me like, "What the hell was that Mom?" I tried to explain that it was the baby kicking but he still looked confused and freaked out. Either way, knowing that Conrad had just felt his baby sister/brother kick made me turn into a puddle of hormonal-pregnant-sentimental mush and I started crying.
Even though he had been feeling yucky & had us up all night (teething, fever, cough...) I knew we both needed to get out, so we headed to Whole Foods for some breakfast. He sat in the cart with his plastic hippo and cheetah to keep him company while he rode along. He ate a banana and kept saying, "Ah-ta-pus!" because I think the peel hanging down reminds him of the tentacles on an octopus. Cute right?! I filled our cart with the items we needed and then we both sat in a booth enjoying our pumpkin muffin and o.j. watching the planes fly overhead outside. Planes are his favorite thing right now. He can spot them way up high. Oh, that and buses! When we're driving, he likes to point out to me what buses are "sh-itty" buses (city buses) and what buses are "s-ool" buses (school buses). It's pretty adorable. Then we walked over to Borders and sat in an aisle to catch up on some reading....
Oh, how precious these days are.


  1. I hope you can contain your giggles when he says "city" bus...I don't think I could. Precious, precious boy. He's gonna love being a big brother.

  2. truly cherish it, chelsea! because it is life changing. but in such a good way. you are going to fall in love with him all over AGAIN when you see him as a big brother. it's the best.


  3. WOW wow WOW. i praise our God and King that He has given you the wisdom and insight to even NOTICE that these days with Conrad are special and soon to be ending. Enjoy them SO MUCH and when I move out to cali, i will be seeing you SOON.

    i love you so much.
    kiss conrad and tell that sweet little bean in your belly that i love them both.

  4. SO precious, and the days ahead will be so precious too! He is going to love his little sib and be such a wonderful big brother, I'm sure!

  5. oh those sweet pictures made me melt :) You are such a loving mama Chelsea!! Yes enjoy these last few days with your little man :) When you wrote about how excited you are about seeing Conrad with his baby brother/sister I got the biggest smile on my face. I can only imagine the tender moments you're going to share with your two children so soon!!! yay for growing families! <3

  6. Chels you are such a cute mom- BOTH of your children are lucky!

  7. Youre such a great mother! I bet Conrad is enjoying every single moment and all of the extra attention.