Friday, April 1

Weekly Surf:

Just a few links for you this week:
The Little theatre
Here's what I've been working on this week
Simple & Chic baby boy room

Here are a few shots of Conrad from his 2 year photo session:
Beware of mommy the tickle monster! Rawr!!!
Hostess Cupcakes + his favorite horsie = a very happy 2 year old.
{Thank you Sarah! I love them!}


  1. Aww. Those pictures of Conrad are so sweet! You both look adorable!

  2. have i told you lately how precious you and conrad are?

    and that nursery inspiration with the black and white rug makes me want to have a baby just to decorate a room! is that a good enough reason?

    hope you are feeling well, love.

  3. ps those dining chairs are RAD.

  4. Those are so amazing, I love them! I love that he has his animals with him.

  5. I'm loving his little green jacket.

    Thanks for including a link to my nursery aspirations!

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog! Yours is cute as well! Love your little Baby Bird, he's a cutie!

    The Weekend File.

  7. what a handsome boy!!!! yay for being 2! with one gorgeous mama :) What a fantastic shoot! and don't even get me started on his sweater...<3 <3 <3

  8. i LOVE that nursery

    ps- i know the boys one! that's Beri aw, and she just had her little dude! eep!

    pps- i love those pictures of you and your son. so cute. you always have amazing posts!

  9. The serious one of him with his horsy on the ground is sad! He looks so forlorn!

  10. I'm dying over these pictures! And the ones in the post below... so so perfect! You and your boy are just the cutest!

  11. WHAT A CUTIE! And I love your wedges!

  12. Im in love with your shoes!!! and you lil fam. so cute.