Monday, February 21

Don't come between a woman and her food

This weekend I had a newborn session to shoot and right when I got home, we were leaving to go to my friends birthday party so I didn't have time time eat. We stopped off at Trader Joe's to get something quick from the frozen aisle and headed on over. As we were driving to the party, my stomach was growling louder and louder. The car ahead of us was putting along at a snails pace so I suggested Dustin just quickly cut the car off and get ahead of it so we could get there faster (So I could begin eating....) Sadly, He declined my suggestion. We got lost finding the house once we were in the development, which was making me less and less nice as the seconds slowly ticked by as my "overly cautious" husband drove like he was driving through a school zone....Or so it felt. Finally! FINALLY, we find the correct street, AND STILL grandpa Dustin, is driving 11 miles an hour! My stomach is growling even louder now. I'm so hungry I'm shaking, my head is pounding
AND on top of it, I have to pee! Awesome.

At this point, he's taking a Tally of who has been to traffic school, who has had multiple car accidents, who totalled their car, who has had the most speeding tickets.....

You guessed it.


Me: I don't care that you've never had a ticket or had an accident! Can you PLEASE drive faster for the love of god Dustin!
Dustin: We're in a residential! How fast do you want me to go?
Me: I don't know, it's late, can we just get there before the sun comes up?!
Dustin: Chelsea, I'm NOT going to speed in a residential OK. I'm sorry you're hungry. Maybe think about packing a snack next time.....
Me: DO YOU SEE ANY KIDS AROUND? Just get us there! Ugh! Next time, I'M DRIVING!
Dustin: If you were driving, the kids would already be under the car.

Thank God for his humor, which made me laugh and stop thinking about how hungry I was.
By the time we FINALLY got there, I was so hungry, I barely said hello to anyone, I tore open my burrito as fast as I could and ate it without breathing. It was delicious.

Us at breakfast this weekend:
This was the first photo Dustin took. He wasn't pleased that I wasn't smiling, so he forced me to smile (pictured above.) All I wanted to do was eat my breakfast wrap. That's all I wanted.
I think Conrad was annoyed that I was more concerned with getting that food down into my belly than the fact that he'd successfully placed a milk in his hippos mouth and wanted to show me.

When you're hungry (pregnant or not) It's so hard to be nice. My tongue is so much sharper and snappier when I'm hormonal and hungry. Maybe this is the baby's way of making sure it gets fed-it turns me into a raging witch! (Dustin does drive like a grandpa though. He's never once had a parking ticket or speeding ticket, or gotten into an accident but he drives like he's there's that!)
The three of us playing in Conrad's room & me showing off my
16 week bump + my food baby from breakfast!
The guys reading.
{I LOVE our weekends together.}

**Click HERE to see the sweet baby boy I got to photograph this weekend.


  1. hahaha!!! you are such a great writer! love the stories of you and your cute fam :) At least your husband is just a grandpa in the driving department as opposed to being like the grandpa-who-uses-nasil-spray-at-the-dinner-table-of-a-restaurant type ;) (my sweet guy has a some major sinus issues...but my eyes about rolled off my face when he did that on our double-date the other night. followed by some good laughs of course;) And I love your creativity with the creamers! so stinkin' cute :)

    PS - the photos you took of that brand new baby boy & his parents were precious :) What a sweet shoot!

  2. uh you can't even tell you're preggers.

    when i'm hungry (pregnant or not) i will keep telling anyone around me, "i'm starving" until i food. scott patiently responds, "i know. you told me."

  3. All your posts are about food! haha. PS. I'm not a blog you love?! WTF!

  4. Ahahah! Excellent. What does it say about me that I'm the same way without pregnancy to blame? When I hang out with people earlier in the day and someone asks me if I've had breakfast yet, I say, "Oh, you'd KNOW if I hadn't eaten yet."

  5. This is where I insert the story about how when I was mad at Eamon during my first pregnancy. I threatened to throw up in the car bc I was so hungry and I couldn't get him to clear the 2 hours of traffic we had been through. Que me getting way too worked up...and actually throwing up in the car...oops.

    LOVE YOU! I wish I could cook for you ;]

  6. When I was pregnant and hungry my husband would offer to get me some food. Then he would sit there LIKE IT WASN'T URGENT! I would start crying pretend I was going to go get myself food...I agree, pregnant or not, eating is very seriouus business!

  7. Hehe. Glad to hear that you got your Burrito, which looks delicious. And you look absolutely adorable at the restaurant. xx veronika

  8. Love the food picture.. its SO TRUE!!! HAHAHA dying laughing right now.. conrad thinks its pretty funny too

    Love the animals on the table..

    and the pictures you took are too sweet

  9. hahahahahahaha.

    too funny.


    SO funny that dustin drives like a grandpa...but even funnier was the milk in the hippos mouth that Conrad did. i die. seriously i die.

    i wilt when i am hungry too.

  10. I love the conversations between you two. They always make me laugh.
    What a fun marriage. :]

    That hat looks so cute on you!

  11. i just saw thaty you're pregnant!! i'm so behind!
    and i love that hippo with his milk mouth. so darned precious!

  12. aww so funny and cute! what a great weekend and I totally agree that I wish someone else who was a billionaire would pay for our wedding ha.

  13. I'm pretty similar. I almost always have to pee and I'm always hungry and grumpy at that. And so what if you didn't want to smile because you just really wanted to eat that burrito. Seems to me like you just have your priorities. :]

  14. bwahahaaaaaa! you are a riot! and i love you!