Friday, February 4

Blue Valentine + An Outfit

We saw Blue Valentine a few weeks ago. It was an incredible movie, incredibly acted and the camera work was superb. At one point in the movie Dustin turned to me and asked if it was time to go. There's a scene in the film that tore at my heart-if you've seen it, you know which one I'm talking about. It made me feel sick inside. It was TOO real. I stayed until the very end and while the credits rolled, I couldn't help but feel sad for the couple in the movie. We see movies in the afternoon when all of the elderly folks go to the theatre, so while they're all leaving, I'm curled in a ball in my husbands arms trying not to cry so loudly. I collected myself and we got up and left. While we were walking out of the theatre, I couldn't get the movie out of my head and began to cry again.

We stopped and stood against the wall and Dustin hugged me, hiding my face to minimize the embarrassment as much as possible. (I was down right balling. It was mortifying really. Those of you who know me know that I cry a lot, so JUST imagine me now being pregnant! Poor, poor Dustin.) We got home and I kept wanting to talk about the movie. I began to obsess over the movie even. The days that followed, I continued to obsess. I talked to everyone I could about it (sorry for annoying you and spoiling the movie-friends that I ruined the movie for!) It was just SO real and so relevant to the reality couples face as you live your love story out in a life time together. If your marriage is YOU centered, it's going to drift off in the opposite direction and it's easy to drift far apart as the years pass. It was such a beautifully raw and realistic picture of marriage-the good and the bad days all mixed together.

It made us talk about what we love about our relationship and what we want to change. My favorite thing, the thing I can't do without is the fun. It's what made me fall for Dustin the most-aside from his faithfulness as my friend when we dated & his unconditional love. I love the fun we have. The laughter. I told him that if we get to a place where we stop making fun of each other, and stop laughing, that will be a sad day.

The movie definitely rattled my heart in a way that felt too real, painful even, but good. Good because it made me reflect and look at what I want our future relationship to look like. I say if you haven't already, please go see it. It's worth it. It convicted me in many ways & made me want to love my husband better.

On a lighter, less depressing note, Here's what I wore today to go do my taxes, run to the store and get a Krispy Kreme (Yes, I've been going weekly, don't judge me!) Black polka-dot Dress & cardigan: Buffalo Exchange, Belt: old navy, Boots: Nordstorm Rack, Headband: H&M. My fav. part of the dress is the collar. I got this dress a few months back when we were trying for a baby because i thought it would make for a pretty maternity dress.
{Thirteen Weeks! Grow baby, Grow!}
{He was trying to find the baby....}

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?
Try to talk in code as to not ruin any juicy details.


  1. i really want to see this movie, i'm glad to hear it's as good as it looks! love the dress. cute!

  2. Even though I KNOW this movie is good, I don't think it's one that I'll ever see. From what I've heard about the difficult parts in the movie, I don't know that I can handle it!

    PS-- I had that same "bawling-uncontrollably-in-public" experience after seeing Pixar's UP. Seriously Chelsea, it was bad. Like, leaving the theater I realized that the ends of my hair were wet from the tears pouring off my cheeks. The first 20 minutes hit me hard and I just could not get a hold of myself.

    ... sooo, yeah, I don't know if I can handle Blue Valentine! :)

  3. I havent seen the movie, but I want too!

    Love the dress!

  4. Ugh I want to see that movie so bad! I cry during every movie, I'm sure I'll bawl my eyes out.

    You are gorgeous! I just love love love your style.

  5. oh what the heck. you're officially THE cutest pregnant girl ever. and you have literally given me baby fever. and my little roman is only 3 months old.
    eeeeeek. can't wait to follow your tummy on this blog. i mean, it's gonna be the most adorable thing ever. yep. it sure is.
    thanks for dressing cute.
    you inspire me to actually make myself look presentable, even though so many days i just wanna be lazy and let my hair dry frizzy and wear sweats. there's something about that feeling once you are ready for the day. and you definitely rock it.
    you're cute.
    yep :)

  6. oh mygoodness........
    and i think i need to see that movie.....
    because, i too, love to cry and when i movie reaches that place in my heart, a good sob is usually experienced......
    and from the sounds of it, this movie will probably reach that place. my marriage has been THE easiest thing for the past 5 years, but now. with a new itty bitty baby. its getting rocked. and its hard. and sacry.
    i'm really to get it back on track, and i think this movie might help me get us going....
    k. why am i writing blog posts on your comments section??? oh goodness. im losing my mind :)

  7. havent seen the movie yet :) i love this whole get-up! so cute!

  8. Even from the trailer I could see that it's a fabulous movie :) Looked like they're so in love...but true love isn't always easy. I'm like you, I get emotionally connected to characters and scenarios in movies and can dwell on them for some time... You seem like you and your husband are working hard to keep your marriage thriving!! :) Fun is always key. And I always say that laughter is key to a woman's heart :)

    And nice work on that fabulous outfit! The dress with the peter pan colar is LOVELY! perfect with the belt...and i love your headband on those gorgeous locks of yours!!!

  9. hey. i want a spoiler. can i handle it?

    i seriously hard cord coveted that dress just now.

  10. I think I'm going to go see it alone. Or maybe with a friend that understands how much I'm prone to crying because I KNOW I'm going to have an experience much like yours. I cried twice this morning and I'm not even pregnant!

    On another note- I can't wait until that bean grows and you start rocking a mega cute bump!


    Kello: so the scene that was really hard for me to watch was the scene where she has to get an abortion because she go† pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, and she is not currently dating another dude (gossling), so she's getting the abortion, she's 12 weeks along and she stops the dr in the middle of it and decides to keep the baby and she and ryan gosslings character raise it as if it were their baby and not her and her ex-boy friends. It was just hard to watch the actual process of getting an abortion for me. Especially because she was already 12 weeks along.

    Again, I'm a sissy when it comes to movies (especially R rated movies) but this one is good but also hard. The funny scenes are just as good as the dramatic ones.

  12. i hate crying in movies, but man! i do it all the time. i totally cried in UP too!

    love. love. your dress! i like that buffalo exchange in vegas. they have some sweet retro stuff (especially during the rockabilly conventions!)

  13. I had the exact same reaction to this movie, after I saw I had to make my husband see it. I was kinda obsessed with it too and telling everyone about it.
    It's just so rare to see a GOOD movie this days, that feels real, with acting so well-done. I really wish it had got an Oscar nom. And no Oscar nom for Ryan Gosling, AGAIN.

  14. okay, i have this movie illegally downloaded right now on my computer and i haven't watched it yet because i keep hearing about how people bawl and are deeply effected. i might just go ahead and watch it tonight. SCARED.

  15. I gave you an award on my blog :)

  16. i can't get the movie out of my head either, same scene. my heart was racing & my mouth dried up & i BALLED & kept balling after it was over. it was an incredibly beautiful film, especially the fact that everything felt so REAL. it was never very "hollywood." anyway, it made me want to scoop up all the women who go through "that" & hold them forever & tell them over & over that Jesus loves them & their babies.

  17. la la la, I'm seeing it on Wednesday, I'm not going to read any comments until then!

  18. I just got the bootleg dvd from my sister in law.. after reading your post I cannot wait to watch it!!

    ps- LOVE your blog- keep up the awesome writing, the good days and the BAD days!! :)

  19. oh man oh and my sisters are going to see Blue Valentine next week for a girl night.


    glad to hear it was good. i've heard mixed things about it!

  20. I mean, I thought it was good, I'd see it again, but it was just sort of a hard movie to watch-that's all. Just like Crash, or even eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, OR Remember Me. They were all great films, but somewhat hard to watch!

    I think it would be fun to see it with girls too! Have fun. Let me know your thoughts on it.

  21. YOU're the cutest dang this! i love your dress and i love that you got it at buffalo! i just got two "new" dresses from there and have had sooo many compliments on them! love it! plus you reminded me that i needed to see that movie! (don't worry.. i cry that hard in lots of movies.. and tv shows.. and interviews.. and magazines.. and books.. and songs.. and i'm NOT EVEN PREGNANT. lol. crying is a good thing, it shows you have genuine emotion! it shows you're alive!)

  22. these photos are so cute, love your outfit.

  23. I love that dress so much. How do people make a baby bump look so cute?

  24. Oh I've been wanting to see this movie!!
    Love the outfit with the belt!

  25. I really want to see the movie. My husband isn't so convinced, but I will watch it. I'll probably have to wait til it is on video, because it isn't at any theaters around here.

  26. God, I love your heart. And now I am going to go see this movie tonight.

    And you look adorable in your little outfit. Kiss Conrad!

    Oh and darling, are you going to share your baby name lists with us, or are you keeping the names a surprise?

    And last thing. (What is it with the ands today?) The only thing that is organized in my house is my craft closet, the rest of the place is a scary mess. I wish I could inspire myself and cared as much about my pantry as I do my scissors and glue.

  27. sounds like quite the theatre adventure! I think I may have to put it on my to-watch list. you look AMAZING in this outfit, and so cute with the little guy!


  28. Okay I think I need to see this movie! Movies that make you think are a good thing:)
    I absolutely love your outfit. The best is adorable! It helps to see other preggo mamas ensembles:) Especially as I need to go decide what to wear to church:)

  29. I can't wait to see this movie! LOVE Ryan Gosling and Michele Williams. I completely understand having an emotional reaction to a movie. Reminds me of the time I saw The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. I was in London for a few months and missed my family so very much. It just reminded me of my dad; he's obsessed with those movies! I cried so hard when it was over I had to go into a bathroom stall at the theater to compose myself. I think I sat in there for half an hour just weeping. So you're not alone. :)
    Oh and I love all your outfits...adorable!

  30. Mr. Gosling is just delicious, always.

    I saw Blue Valentine this afternoon and absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it -- it's great to hear how films affect others. I was cringing and covering my mouth through the abortion part. I just wanted to hug her and cry.

  31. Oh crap. I should not see this movie. (When really I should.)

  32. As far as I can say about the movie, yesterday I made it about halfway through and had to turn it off. As much as I hate admitting it I saw so many things in it that just pulled at me, how nagging I can be and how much of a downer I am. And hey I can relate to being a gal that cries a lot, I seem to do it at the drop of a hat and some parts I simply couldn't take. I think I'll spread it out and finish it throughout the week, it is a movie I definitely want to finish.

    I know I've said this before and I'm sure it isn't distancing me from a creepy random commenter/blog friend (who doesn't love blog friends?) but I enjoy your posts and look forward to them because they're so relatable as to what I'm going through and I think you have a beautiful spirit and I can look up to you.


  33. Oh gosh Jordan, you're not creepy at all! If I could have a huge dinner party with all of my blog friends, I would SO be all over that and you'd totally be invited!!!! How fun would that be?! ;)

    The movie is a total mood killer though. If you dont' finish it, it's all good. It's depressing. I mean, we've all seen our fair share of disfunctional couples! I enjoyed it though because in the beginning when they're falling in love, it so reminded me of Dustin and I when we dated and I loved that part of the movie.

    have a good monday friend.

  34. you are such a stinkin' cute pregnant mama!!

    i just bought some skinny belts like yours -- a great accessory for non-preggers ladies, but so much fun for us too!

  35. ho hum. I thought the movie was overhyped. I didn't feel like we really got to see a good solid foundation for their relationship - no wonder they drifted apart! And all their problems could be solved if they would LISTEN AND COMMUNICATE. It's all Cindy (Williams) wanted from Dean (Gosling). He was too quick to judge and yell and throw her words back at her, like she said. heck, she'd be more willing to have sex if you'd discuss things with her buddy!

    Sorry, it left me feeling disjointed. Not satisfied.

  36. No it's all good. My favorite part of the movie was actually the part where they were young and in love..... the rest was super sad and depressing. i wish the whole movie was them just happy- i loved those parts!

    I appreciate your honestly! ;)