Sunday, October 24

Weekend In Photos: Birthday Edition

We went over to my parents this evening for a little birthday celebration. My Dad is an incredible cook, so it's never a chore to chow down on some of his good food. My mom got sponge bob party hats for us all to wear. You would think that Conrad would be more into it... He wasn't impressed with the hats. I really had a great time with my family on my birthday. My Dad gave me the sweetest card and before we ate, as he was praying for our meal, he mentioned how proud of me he was and what a woman of god I've grown into... that affirmation right there is a gift enough. What a swell guy. My mom got me some pretty fabulous gifts. She found me some beautiful red glass plates at an antique store to add to my plate collection & an old Polaroid camera. She knows how to give good gifts. My grandma gave me the last bottle of channel perfume that my grandfather ever bought her before he passed 13 years ago. She's kept it, and now I have it, and it's such a sweet sentiment to give it to me to Cherish now. She also gave me a glass jewelry container with a real silver lid with a mirror on the inside of the lid. It was her grandmothers. We both started crying when I opened her gift. I will keep them forever. I got some seriously awesome gifts this year. AND got to spend my day with people I love.
My bro Vinni and I.      My granny & Mom with our sponge bob party hats!
Conrad petting Boots at Dustin's Mom's house today.
Conrad giving Grandpa hugs. 
Friday night we headed over to my friend Robyn's house for a pumpkin carving party. We hung out until about 7:30 and knew that any later than that, we'd have to hear crying on the whole drive home, so we made an early exit. Conrad fell asleep in the car half way home and right as a Lady Gaga song came on the radio, I hear some rustling in the back seat, so I glance back at Conrad and his eyes pop open and he starts dancing. He was TOTALLY asleep! It was pretty hilarious. 
Conrad & Dustin with their pumpkin. 
Thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes today. It really was one of the best birthday's I've ever had.
I felt so special and loved. 


  1. That sounds so wonderful. What lovely gifts you got! And what a wonderful family. P.S. I can't wait to see your outfits tomorrow ;)

  2. thanks. I LOVE gifts that mean something. I love things with a past, or with history. ;)

    UM, HELLO.... I can't wait for YOUR outfits miss. You're always super cute.

  3. Those gifts sound so awesome. Especially from your grandmother. So sweet. And hearing your parents pray for you and/or thank the Lord for who you are is one of the most precious gifts ever. I know it is something I have always cherished.

    Also, HAPPY DAY!

  4. aw, how wonderful :) happy birthday!

  5. happy birthday! was away for the weekend - looks like you had lots of fun.

  6. that is seriously sooooooo heart warming about your grandmother giving you the perfume bottle. i love stuff like that. it seems like your family really knows you! and loves you so much.

  7. YAY!!!! I'm so glad you had a good birthday. BYTHEWAY I have to tell you something...
    either you hate me and never post my comments, lol, or I figured out why "I never leave comments"

    In the morning when I check my blog roll, I open up all the ones I want to read and go down the tabs. But what I figured out is happening is that I am clicking "post comment" and then moving on to the next tab without publishing it, lol. My contributions to your blog will never be known now! LOL!!!

  8. wow you got some amazing gifts! your family sounds so wonderful, nothing better than family:) Happy Belated Birthday to you...

  9. hahahaha....i love that he woke up to a lady gaga song! that is hilarious.
    you seem to be part of a beautiful family and that picture of you, your mom, and your grandmother made me smile :)

  10. Awww... look at that little guy! So, so cute!